The truth is we are always learning about ourselves

It has been awhile since I have posted a new entry. I am trying to find my new center. I have been faced once again with the challenge of practicing what I preach. My days of late have been anything but calm or meditative.  They have been sprinkled with emotions that have left me wondering […]

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What is an Intuitive Realtor?

Why did I pick this phraseology to describe who I am as a new Realtor? Well, have you ever been sitting somewhere and a friend pops into your mind out of the blue, and moments later they call?  Upon answering, you immediately exclaim that you were just thinking about them?  This is your intuition, your

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A message from Aphrodite

LINK HAS BEEN FIXED (Thank you for your patience) Join me on Spiritual Awakenings as I talk about understanding and appreciating yourself! So many people are spending countless hours second guessing as well as underestimating their inner voice. I shares with you a message from Aphrodite as well as a personal message of how we

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