I used to be really fearful of birds. We can all give thanks to two people for this seemingly silly fear, Alfred Hitchcock and a babysitter whose name cannot remember. Yes… I begged and pleaded to please let Me stay up and watch the movie ( I was around 7 for gods sake) and well

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Motorcycle Meditation~ The Duck

Ok many people will think I am crazy but some of my best moments of meditation happen while on the back of our Harley. While we were heading up to Estes on Monday. I was thinking about starting this blog. I have to say I was pretty excited to actually start… A blog, to actually

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So I have decided to try and chronicle my experience. It has has been a little over a year I think… Crazy as it may sound but I feel like I have been on this journey forever… And, in a way I have. We all have. There just comes a time in ones life that

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