Hello, I am Jackie! Here your values and goals in home ownership are important to me.

As an Intuitive, Jackie has learned to listen and put to work that inner guidance we were all born with, known as our intuition. Understanding her intuition allows her to pick up on the energy of those she is working with. It allows her to discern what is yours, hers, or that of others involved. She can then understand the emotions behind the words and experiences you may be expressing. It allows her to look at the transactions she is involved with from a higher / broader perspective. Combining her savvy business skills with her intuitive abilities enables her to guide you better.

I am so much more than just another agent...

Proud new grandparent to two amazing little boys! My husband and I love spending quality time together with our ever-growing family! When I am not working, you can find me either hiking in the mountains, exploring in our Jeep, or on the back of my husband’s motorcycle! 

I am a homeowner and the proud owner of a Short Term Rental in Empire, Colorado.  My husband and I enjoy providing a beautiful vacation outlet in our home state! I understand the nuances involved in owning property in Colorado first hand.

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