Top 4 reasons to have your home Blessed.

This post will hopefully help you to understand what a home blessing is and how to identify the top 4 reasons to have your home blessed.

What is a home blessing? It is the process of anointing blessings upon the home and its inhabitants. Usually, it is performed by a person of faith, a strong spiritual connection, a member of the clergy, a shaman, or someone that has been ordained.

Blessing the home’s ritual will vary depending upon the person performing the ceremony. When I do a blessing of a home, I like to perform a combination of rituals. I will typically start by clearing the house of any residual energy. The clearing of energy can be done in several ways and will be unique to the people and property. Some common methods I may use are burning any of the following; sage, palo santo, copal, or frankincense. I may also choose to use singing bowls. Then I will infuse the space with love and positivity by prayer and sound. I like ending the ritual by calling upon Arch Angels Michael and Raphael to help bless the land and the home. This process leaves the home feeling light, airy, and spacious. 

Now to WHY bless or clear a property. Too much energy (active or stagnant) can make a space feel cluttered and noisy, even when a room is physically empty. Periodic clearing of your space, I believe, is almost as necessary as spring cleaning! Think of it as the equivalent to clearing out the physical clutter in your closet or a junk drawer. You do this to make room, right? Well, with a Clearing or Blessing of a Home, you do it to make room for new intentions and growth. Clearing stale energy helps you stay in the present moment and releases past emotions or experiences that may no longer benefit you, making way for healthy fresh energy and emotions. 

Top 4 reasons to have your home blessed: 

  1. Selling a home
    When you are getting ready to sell a home, this is the perfect time to declutter and depersonalize the physical space and the energetic space—allowing a potential buyer to see and feel themselves living in the house. 

  2. Buying a home
    After you have purchased your new house, have the house cleared and blessed. This will clear out all the old residual energy of the past occupants, setting the perfect stage for making the house your “home.” 

  3. Change in the family dynamics of any kind
    Whenever there is a change in the family dynamics by divorce, separation, or new addition, having the home cleared and blessed will help freshen up the energy of the home—making room for growth and new intentions. By clearing out old energies that are no longer serving you or your family, you create a space that feels comfortable, fresh, and open to new experiences and possibilities! 

  4. Annual energy renewal
    Doing an annual energy clearing and blessing of the home is a great way to keep your home a sacred space. Trapped energies carried in by not only “our” emotions but those of our guests and items we bring into our home can make our homes feel stale, stuffy, and uncomfortable. Clearing on an annual basis can help you create more breathing room in your home and more overall positive experiences.

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