What does it mean to live an Intuitive life?

Living an intuitive life, what does that mean? Living an intuitive life means you understand that you are connected to source energy.  You trust that you have an inner guidance system.  A system that is very similar to a GPS that guides you in the right direction.  Living intuitively means that you listen to this guidance.  You follow your gut, trust the feeling or feelings you have around the people you meet, the places you go and the homes you look at. 

I encourage this.  Living an intuitive life means you are honoring your flow.  Living intuitively allows you to expend much less energy than resisting (going against your inner guidance) your flow. Learning to listen and trust this internal GPS is hard.  It often goes against years of programming. Years of being told what you should want and how you should live.   

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Living intuitively means living to your own beat, being who you are and doing what is best for you.  It means staying inflow of abundance and allowance. 

As an intuitive and a Realtor I am frequently asked just what it means to be an Intuitive Realtor.  I don’t have a smooth 30-second elevator speech for you!  It is hard for me to deliver anything that feels inauthentic or scripted to define what it means. 

When working with Buyers

As a Realtor, for example, there are a lot of things to consider when searching for a new home. Things like location, number of bedrooms & bathrooms, garage, yard size, basement no basement, kitchen size and so on and so on.  Once you narrow all that down and you find (on paper) the perfect place, well, that is really just the start of the process.  Once that is out of the way, the really important part to me is figuring out how the place makes you feel.  I believe that energy is key in buying and selling a home. When working with buyers I like to ask questions about how you feel, listen to your words and your body language.  Encourage you to check in with feeling type questions.   

When working with Sellers

If you are selling a home it is important to understand why and the circumstances around the decision to sell. As a seller’s energy can drastically affect how potential buyers will see the home. The energetic connections we have to our homes affect the home’s energy.  Being able to disconnect your energy from a house when you are ready to sell is an important step that many don’t even think of.

Energy clearings like smudging a home can help, however, if the sellers are not really wanting to let go, their energy will continue to connect and affect the way the home will “feel” to others.  On an energetic level the home may not stand out, or the new buyers may not “feel” welcome.  Living intuitively and being an Intuitive Realtor is all about trusting what you cannot see and staying true to who you are.  I don’t have a magic crystal ball and cannot “read” your mind.  What I can do is read your energy and sense when something is not feeling right.  I am passionate about inspiring others to live to their best lives!  This includes the homes they live in.  They say; a house is made of walls and beams and a home is made of love and dreams, I believe this to be true.

Whether I am working with Buyers or Sellers

My promise to the clients I work with, it that I will always look at things from a higher perspective, and keep what is best for them at the forefront of every decision that is made.  

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