How To Handle Downsizing

Moving Boxes

How to handle Downsizing. Moving itself always has the tendency to sound stressful. Add downsizing to the mix it can be downright daunting. There are certain challenges that come with downsizing, but that doesn’t mean it has to be more stressful. By changing the way you approach downsizing and moving, the experience can actually be a positive one. Downsizing gives you the freedom to get rid of things that no longer have a place in your life, freeing up room for what you love and what brings you happiness. Here are the steps to follow to downsizing your property and keeping your sanity.

1. Take an inventory of what you own.

Often, we don’t realize what we have. Taking an inventory of what you have will force you to look at a list of what all you own, helping to you reflect on what you actually care about keeping. Using this inventory as a master sheet will also help you keep track of what you’re moving once you’ve gotten rid of items that you no longer love or need.

2. Get the floor plan of your new home.

If possible, this can be very helpful. Being able to visualize where your items will go can be extremely helpful when downsizing. Will that old dresser fit in the guest bedroom? Will you have room for that pool table? If you can’t find space for it when looking at your floor plan, it is probably time to donate or recycle those items.

3. Consider the details of your new home.

Are you moving to a different climate? If you’re heading to Florida or somewhere known for the weather, you may not need those full boxes of winter gear or that snow blower already collecting dust in your garage.  Keep in mind what your life will look like in your new home and take the time to decide where the items you want to keep will fit in.

4. Create a keep/donate/toss system when sorting through your items.

Designate a room in your house for each category. Boxes in the living room are ‘keep’, the dining room has your ‘donate’ items, and so on. This way, there will be no mix up and you will be able to have visual idea of what you are hanging onto and what you are letting go.

5. What if after looking at the list above you still feel overwhelmed?  Well that is where I come in!

If you are making this transition on your own even the steps above can still feel daunting and overwhelming.

In many situations the help of family and friends is not always available or even the best option. And the process of finding a company you can trust to help you through the move can be intimidating and confusing. 

This is where I come in!

With me on your team, together we can go through the options and figure out what will work best for you and your situation. 

I have had the pleasure of working with a few clients that have gone through this process. Most recently I was working with a client whose family had owned the home she was selling for over 78 years.  There were years and years of items that had been stored in the home and the project was proving stressful and never-ending for the Seller to handle on her own. 

Together, we did some research and found an amazing company out of Louisville Colorado called Heritage Handlers.  After meeting and interviewing the owner, we knew we found someone special!  Her fees were straight forward and her care and attention to detail exceeded our expectations! 

At this point in the process, I knew that I could do one of two things.  Step back and wait till the clean out and organization was complete and then list the home, or I could partner with the Seller and work with her as her advocate.  I chose the latter of the two.  Often, when on your own, it is helpful to have someone to bounce things off of and also to keep you focused on the task at hand. That is the roll I take. 

Together with my client (the Seller) we made a plan and created a team to get that plan executed!  If you know of someone that would like one on one, side by side help, selling their home. I am your gal! 

In closing

There are many reasons a person is in a position of downsizing. Sometimes it’s not by choice and loved ones have to step in. Here is a Guide to Senior Care Affordability and Financial Resource in Loveland. When you work with me, I can promise you that I will be your advocate, and work to net you the highest and best possible.  I will keep you focused on your goal and together we will get the job done! 

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