A tree murderer lives in my house

The Aspen
The Aspen
Tree Murderer

A Tree Murderer; This is what I have called my husband.  I am very lucky that he is as understanding as he is, as this is a pretty harsh label.  As it is the crime has since been committed, the holes drilled, poison administered, and the tree dead.  All that is left now is the disposal of the body.

Aspen Tree RIP 2001-2017

You see I have watched this tree since it was a sapling. We planted it a year after we moved into our home.  With love we have watched it become the home to countless birds as well as the random squirrel or two.

What I have learned

I have learned many things from this tree through the years.  Such as no matter how proud you are of your leaves you must let go to grow.  I have also learned that size does matter!  Since the planting this tree has grown far beyond our expectations and actually became to big for its location.  It blocked the house, the address and created a mess of the driveway.  No matter how often or aggressively we trimmed the branches it stayed strong and persevered. As it has aged its need to continue on grew with intensity in the way of feeder trees that would pop up in our front yard.  This is where it all began. The struggle between man and tree.  Actually the struggle between man, tree and lawn.  Man won.

Guilty Accomplice

I guess if my husband is a tree murderer, then I am a guilty accomplice. The fact that I stayed the execution for over 2 years does little for my case.  I finally conceded.  The guilt is still there, under all the justification.

Many look at me like I am crazy and tell me that it is just a tree, it was at the end of its life expectancy.  Better we take it down then have it come down on its own and damage the house.  I disagree. I am amazed even now when I look at this tree, the wrinkles it has acquired during its time in my yard, shows me just how much alike we both really are.

An uninformed Tree planter

The fact is we were uninformed tree planters… not taking into consideration the size the tree would grow to be, or the proximity to the house and garage. As for the annoying sprouts that kept popping up in the yard, well that was our fault as well.  Research has shown that the Aspen tree longs to be a grove.  They want to live in a community and their purpose is to propagate that community.

In closing

I want to thank you Mr Aspen Tree.  Thank you for the lessons, the protection, the joy, the shade and the introspection you have given me.  I accept my part, I am a tree murderer, and for that I apologize.



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