Look out 2016, here I come!

New Year's 2016 Intuitive Realtor Jackie Mihalchick
Happy New Year from Jackie Mihalchick

This is the time of the year when you hear everyone talking about their New Year’s Resolutions.  That time of the year when we make a list of things we no longer want to do, a list of the things we are going to stop or start for the new year ahead.

Rarely (for me personally) did anything really last.  All my list did for me was make me feel like I failed or frustrated me.
A few years back I decided that we are all going about this “Resolution” thing all wrong.

Life is too short to focus on the negative! Laughter, love and kindness is where it is at! Have a great 2016 Love~ Jackie Mihalchick, Your Intuitive Realtor

By focusing on what we don’t want or what we want to stop we end up putting that much more energy around those things.  Which inevitably enhances those, habits, actions, etc…that we are trying to change.

I also think the idea of doing this once a year is a bit absurd, but I guess it’s better once than never.  The first of the year should be a time of reflection.  A time to ponder the journey and plan for the steps ahead.  Look at what has worked, what hasn’t… and be honest about where you need improvement.  Then, instead of making a list of resolutions, write out a list of Intentions.

Focus on what you Intend to do.  Put your energy and thoughts behind the idea of positivity.  Reshape your resolutions into Intentions.  Then when you look back on your list you can reflect on what your intentions were and focus on where they may have wavered.
I believe it is important to be intentional in all that we do, not resolved or resolute. There is much more kindness and love behind intentions.

My wish for you this year and the years to follow is more love, laughter and kindness in every area of your life.
This year I intend to enjoy life and laugh more!  I also intend to be more attentive to my blog.  Stepping into my Real Estate Career this last year definitely took a lot of my time and my energy.  I will be cross posting many of my newsletters like this one as well as new blogs on energy and spirit as well as Real Estate.  It is who I am and my focus this year is standing out in a crowd as me… my authentic and complicated self. Jackie Mihalchick the Intuitive Realtor.  Look out 2016, here I come!

If you know of anyone, looking to buy or sell real estate… let me know if I can help you. If we are not in the same area and you are looking for guidance, or need help connecting to someone in your area that would be a good fit for you…I can help. 🙂

Email me or call or text I will be happy to help.

This Week’s Featured Listing is a Beautiful home in Erie, Colorado!  Click on the photo to see more pictures as well as more information!

Beautiful eat in Kitchen with Stainless appliances and granite counter tops and real wood floors!

Here’s to a great 2016!!

Happy New Years from your favorite Intuitive Realtor, Jackie Mihalchick

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