One Thing

11709499_10207369028732283_6281805220357119850_nWhat’s best for you? What is your one thing?

I took a brief hiatus from my blog.  I found myself spreading myself so thin that I was failing to give any one thing my best.

Can you relate?  Haven’t we all been taught in one way or another to do as much as possible, to try and accomplish everything? We create lists and start checking things off one after another.  Then sit back, look at the list and feel this great sense of accomplishment if there are numerous things “checked” off.  What if there is only one thing checked off? How does that make you feel?

Somewhere in our life we have been made to feel less of a person, less accomplished, if we only have one thing crossed off our list.  What if, we actually were a better person, a more engaged person if we only focused on ONE THING at a time.

Seems impossible doesn’t it.  It is much harder than you would think actually.  Giving your undivided attention to one thing at a time for some of us can seem next to impossible.  It can actually make us anxious and stressed out really.

But, think about it you have heard the saying “jack of all trades, master of none”.  That is what multitasking has done to us.  We are good at a lot of things but are we great?

The trick to doing this (being more focused) is really trying to figure out what your One Thing is in your life.  Too hard?  Since I started partnering with Keller Williams my life has changed in all areas, not just business.  I have learned how to focus and give my all to what is most important.  I have learned to stay connected.

Take a moment and break your life up into sections, label them, and then in each section write what the most important thing is in that section.  What is the one most important thing? Maybe it’s a goal, an accomplishment, a person, a destination, whatever it is it is the driving force.  It’s the one thing that pushes you to keep going or doing what you’re doing in that area of your life.

I have started to use this concept in my personal life as well in my Real Estate Career. You will hear it over and over things like “in my life/career I have to multitask” is that really true? Do you just tell yourself that because it is what you have been trained or taught to do?

In my everyday life as an Intuitive Realtor, I am more than just an Intuitive Realtor.  I am a Mother, Wife, Intuitive, Sister, Friend, etc…  We all wear many hats.  The trick is knowing what is the most important in the moment and doing it right, not fast and not full of distractions.  If your interested in reading more about The One Thing, click HERE to find where you can get your own copy of The One Thing by Gary Keller!

If you are looking to buy or sell a home, click HERE, I would love to help!

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