Do you need to reboot?

leap of faithGetting ready to spend some much needed time out in my yard today.  Looking forward to connecting with the earth.

It is funny how disconnected we can become in such a connected world.  Around every corner is someone attached to a phone, or a computer or in this day and age, both.  I love technology, don’t get me wrong.  What I miss however; is the process of processing.  We live in a day of instant gratification.  I am guilty of it myself, I think we all are in one way or another.

We want what we want now, and for the most part it is attainable, now.

The funny thing is, how we manifest what it is we “want” in life or how we expect it to appear is as different and unique as each one of us.  It all starts with that inner voice we all have playing in our heads.  How was it programmed?  What is its main theme? More importantly who’s voice is it! That’s right, WHO”S voice are you listening too? Is it even yours?

Sure that voice may sound like you, feel like you, it has been talking to you since you can remember.  BUT, is it you?

When we first arrive freshly out of the womb, we abruptly enter a world that is loud, cold and full of danger.  For some reason, none of that matters.  We arrive full of love and trust.

Doesn’t it seem strange that the two things we arrive full of are the two things most feel are missing in their lives?  Why? Where did they go? Somewhere along the line we fail to shift from learning and thinking on our own to obeying and following. We stop believing in ourselves, and give our knowledge and power over to others.  We take another persons so called “life’s blueprint” and incorporate it as our own.  This will not work.  We are not here to conform, we are here to integrate.

So what does this all has to do with connecting and instant gratification?

I guess it is a message to allow yourself time to process a time to be in the moment, however that looks for you, regardless of what others say it should look like. No one knows what that is for you, except you.  If you are unsure what that looks like for you, reboot! When you reboot, try to find and listen to your inner voice.  Evaluate the voice you have been listening to.

Ask yourself some questions, questions like:
Is that how I really feel?
Do I believe that?
Where have I heard that before?

How do you reboot?  Unplug. Does not matter for how long.  See how it feels, observe the world around you, then re-engage and do something that YOU, want to do.

Have a great day!!!  I hope you all enjoy your version of rebooting!



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