Are you doubting your actions or thoughts?


So often in our life, our journey’s change. When they do it seems to be such a confusing and stressful time for so many.  Regardless of whether you like change or not, change is difficult.  It causes a person to go through a range of emotions anywhere from excitement, fear, doubt and regret.  Often when we make a change that points us in a completely different direction we tend to place a lot of judgement upon our actions.

We wonder if the change is out of fear, or if the need for change is for the lack of patience, when really it could be that we no longer have an interest.  BUT is that allowed?  Are we allowed to change our minds or our path?  If the answer is yes, then do it. If you find yourself waiting or seeking permission, who are you waiting for?  Who have you given the power over to, to grant you permission to do so?  Obviously it is not your self, especially if you’re doubting your actions or thoughts.

Who has authority over you?  Who?

Why have you given them such power over what you know the best?  No one knows you better than you.  When did you lose trust in what was best or right for you?  Isn’t life about exploration, growth and learning?  How can you learn all that you need to learn if you stay on the same path?  How much of life are you missing when the scenery never changes?  Life is all about the journey, the destination is ultimately the same for all of us right…the final destination is death. We shouldn’t be focused on racing there.  We should be enjoying the journey, getting off the beaten path and creating your own trail.

I say do as much or as little as you want.  It is your life.  Let your heart be your driving force.  Live through your heart, speak through your heart, see the world through your heart.  Let it guide you along your personal path.  Nothing else carries as much weight.

Take some time today to evaluate where you are.  Are you making the decisions in your life or are you letting someone else make them for you?

Spring is around the corner and it is time for us to start the process of a little internal spring cleaning. 🙂

Have a great day!



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