What is an Intuitive Realtor?

This painting depicts the beauty of looking within. Painting by Erin Mihalchick

Why did I pick this phraseology to describe who I am as a new Realtor?

Well, have you ever been sitting somewhere and a friend pops into your mind out of the blue, and moments later they call?  Upon answering, you immediately exclaim that you were just thinking about them?  This is your intuition, your connection to the collective energy. So often we have these experiences and chalk them up to coincidences instead of what they are; our intuition.

When I have a client, I am working with them, I am not clouded by routine or a programming of sorts. Many of us get caught up in the routine of things, and somewhere along the line we stop listening to our own inner voice and chose to follow the noise that is all around us. Each interaction I have is customized to the person or people I am working with.  Being an intuitive Realtor does not mean I can read your mind but what it does mean, is that I am in tune with what your emotions are and the energy you exude in your real estate process.  Communication is key to any great relationship.

So, when making the decision to go with Keller Williams I listened to all the information I was receiving.  This information included what they had to offer me, my potential clients, as well as what my inner voice was saying. It not only looked like a great company on paper but it “felt” like a great fit for me. I followed my own intuition.

Here are some things that I wont be doing:

  • I wont be carrying around a crystal ball
  • Or be draped in robes or scarves (unless of course its cute and fashionable)
  • I will not tell you something that you want to hear
  • I can not predict who or when your house will sell or when you will find your dream home.
  • There is not an act or ritual that I perform to sell your home

No…none of these things are what I do or what I am.

But, I will:

  • Respect your emotions and your energy
  • Listen to what you are saying
  • Hear what you are feeling as well as what you are saying
  • Be honest with you
  • Encourage you to be honest
  • Sell your home or sell you your next home
  • Use all the tools Keller Williams has to offer our clients
  • Cooperate with other agents
  • Become your partner in the Real Estate Process
  • Be a resource for you, referring you to a specialist when needed
  • Be the best agent for you

I know, that by being in touch with my inner awareness and surroundings, I am better able to serve you and your needs.

We all have intuition, however many of us are not comfortable or accustom to listening or following the messages we receive.   I have spent many years learning to listen and decipher my information.  I trust my gut feeling and I trust yours.  I believe that what we think we want is not always what we are searching for, but until we actually start the search we many never know.

Thank you, I hope that may answer your questions on what I mean when I say I am Your Intuitive Realtor!



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