What awakens your spirit?

What inspires you?

What does that mean to you?  Right now from where you are sitting as you read this, what does the title of this blog ignite within you? Anything?

Regardless of your faith, this is the season where you will often hear talk of the word spirit.  I was just recently on a radio show (to be aired over the holidays on PLV radio) that was themed: the spirit of the season and a look into 2015.  We spent a good part of the show discussing what the season means to each of us. Between the three of us on air we came up with many things but collectively we all kept coming back to giving and receiving.

This got me thinking…what does this time of year mean to you.  The media would have us all believe it is about getting the biggest and best or most material items possible. It seems to me however that this is no longer true.  Collectively I have felt a shift.  Like many things we see in the news or in the media, what we read or are made to feel to be true, isn’t always the case.  I believe more and more people are being awakened to this fact.

Over the last few years I have not only felt the shift, I have witnessed it.  I have seen people step into their passion, their power and their authenticity.  I have seen, first handed, non-believers- believe. Sure, there is still bad in this world, there probably always will be.  But with that bad there is an amazing amount of good.  We could not have one with out the other.  The good doesn’t make the headlines with the same punch of gusto.  Not as many rally around the story of the kind lady in the store that paid for someones groceries.  This blog is to get you thinking… to not tell you what it is that is true or what will awaken your spirit, but to ask you.  To ask you in hopes of encouragement…to entice you down your own personal road to discovery. In hopes you find your truth, not what you have been told to be true, but what is true to your soul.

Look within and ask yourself a few simple questions.

  • What fill you with peace?
  • What fills you with joy?
  • What makes you laugh?
  • What fills your heart with happiness?
  • What brings you comfort?

Hopefully asking yourself these 5 little questions will help you uncover what it is that awakens your spirit.

Happy Holidays my friends!

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