In the beginning part 2- The importance of Memories.


In my last blog, I left off with the importance of understanding our beginnings, our past and our experiences.  This was an important thing to really begin to think about as it helps us understand in some way who we are today.

In reviewing part 1 I realized I left about a key part of this series that I would like to add here, before we go much further. I want you to designate a notebook, journal or maybe an online journal of sorts to this series.  Label it “The beginning” it is where I want you to start documenting our journey…your discoveries…and your thoughts.

Don’t start to panic and say things like…awe, I am not a writer… I wont know what to write, or this sounds stupid.  I will make it fairly easy for you.  At the end of each blog, I will ask a question. I want you to write that question on the top of your page.  Read it… and then  start making a list of thoughts and memories that start pouring in.  This is how you will start rediscovering not only who you are, but how you came to be.  Along the way things will surprise you.  Some things will make you laugh and some maybe many will make you cry.

Do not be afraid of the memories or the tears. Some of the tears will be of joy and some of sadness.  Both are part of who we are. I was listening to a 21 day meditation series from OSHO a few months ago and I remember stopping in the middle so I could write down something he said in the meditation that really woke me up.  Here is what I wrote that he said:

Don’t try to be in the middle.  While happy be happy, dance, sing.  When sadness comes honor it. Welcome it, see deep into it. See the beauty in it.

Day cannot be with out the night.  They are but two aspects of the same energy.

Sadness has depth, Happiness is shallow

Sadness has tears that go deeper than laughter can ever go. OSHO~



Now… I am not discounting happiness.  NOT IN THE LEAST!  But I do have to agree with what he is saying, there is so much in the sadness that needs to be allowed to be revealed.  There is a time and place for it…and when we are trying to learn who we are and what we have to offer remember to look into our sadness there may be many answers tucked away in the layers of what we have experienced.

Today, get a notebook.  Label it “The Beginning” or The Book of Me or My Journey.The first prompt… My Earliest memories are…

Just start listing what you remember.  What are your earliest memories?  Sometimes you may need to write the question…and just walk away.  Start with whatever pops into your mind and then, Go back to it later and add more.  No judgement… just write whatever you remember (be it one thing or multiple pages) let it flow.

Have fun!


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