Giving Thanks


Giving thanks is today’s task.

Make it simple, make a list.  Thanksgiving used to be the one holiday that felt, how should I say it, real.

For me my memories of the holiday actually feel pretty nonexistent, the earliest I can remember (right now as I write) are from when I was about 12 or 13 years old.

It is a great time to remember to appreciate one another and to gather together and give thanks.  But…somehow that has changed.  The true meaning or purpose of the holiday has once again been corrupted by commercialism.  The gluttony of the feast can feel somewhat embarrassing as well.  In this world of instant gratification the reminder to gather together and give thanks is not only well needed but appreciated.  But have you ever stopped to wonder what it feels like to be on the other side of the holiday?  What it feels like to be with out family or have a family that has to work on the holiday?  What about those that cannot gather with their loved ones for a million other valid reasons?

How is it that even a holiday of Thanks can be so isolating? It doesn’t have to be. Let’s bring back the Thanks in Thanksgiving.

What I am saying is this…Today, instead of rushing and complaining or feeling all alone…
Know that you are not alone.  Collectively we are all one regardless of where we are physically.
Be thankful.  Not only today (on this fine Thanksgiving Day) but everyday.
Slow down in your life and remember the joy.
Stop racing from one event to just race through the next.
IF you are gathering with friends and loved ones, appreciate each other and focus on being in the moment.
Be authentic and thankful for what you have.
Be kind to others and yourself.

Many of you may have seen posts on different social media sites encouraging the jar of thanks.  I am encouraging you to start a new tradition… give each guest a glass jar of some kind…actually it could be anything…a box, a can, a vase…doesn’t really matter. Throughout the year to come…place little notes in the jar.  What kind of things should you right down?  Write what made you happy, smile or laugh that day or maybe someone did something that you really appreciated.  Write it and anything like it down. It does not have to be everyday, but at bare minimum ONCE a month, (maybe you got a really good parking space …you get the idea).  Then, next year empty the jar and start reading them.  This will help you remember the joy, the smile the feeling.  When we remember them, and relive them (as well as when we wrote them and dropped them in) we manifest more of these experiences into our life.  We create more appreciation and joy.  Let’s try it…all of us.

In honor of the “Holiday” make a personal list of what it is you are thankful for.  Post it where only you will see it through out the year, as a way to remind yourself of what is important and what it is you are grateful for.


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