In the Beginning Part 1- Our first encounters with being psychic


I believe that some of our first memorable encounters with being psychic often occur in our teen years.

I recently shared (on my Facebook page) a great article that I happened upon in my Facebook feed.  It was called 9 Way’s to stop absorbing other peoples negative energy Click the link if you get a chance.  It has some great tips for all of us but for sure those that are highly empathic.

On my quest to want to start at the beginning…I have been rather overwhelmed.  SO much is already out there that I don’t want to discount or reinvent the process.  At the end of todays blog will be a resource list of sorts.  With links to some of my favorite sites that have helped me in my journey.

When I started becoming more aware (again) of my experiences I was in my teens. Which to me seems to be a common time for them to resurface.  It is a time of so much change and growth, both physically and emotionally.  This can be a time of emotional outbursts, and coming into ourselves.  It is where we start to figure out who we are, I should emphasis…start. For me my teen years were very awkward.  My family had moved a lot.  I was always the new kid.  Moving and starting new wasn’t good or bad, it was just what it was, part of my life .  This process taught me to be very self-sufficient and reliant, which I believe to be very positive traits in a person.

The bad side of it however, was always feeling like and outsider, always on the outside looking in.  I was always an extra, part of the background noise in the scheme of it all.

This can create isolation, depression and loneliness.  For a very long time all I wanted to do was fit in.  I realize now it really had nothing to do with being the “new” kid and everything to do with who I was, who I am.  It was the beginning of looking at life from a higher, detached, different…perspective.   I was in tune with who I was, I could imitate whomever I was with, I was a chameleon, still am when I want or need to be.  I know now that this was and still is part of what it means to be an empath for me.

During my high school years, I was so lucky to be able to really connect with a few people…and develop a close friendship.  Felt comfortable being myself (to a certain extent).  Yet even then, I never really let my full guard down, always kept the full me hidden, afraid to reveal my full authentic self.  Afraid I guess of being rejected.  Afraid of who I was, what I felt and why I knew things…before I should have. This actually leads to my beginning.

My first encounter with my psychic abilities (that I can clearly remember at least) was (besides empathic behavior) with Claircognizance – Clear knowing.  Things would just come to me.  I would just…know.  Could not explain it, didn’t fight it…just went with it.  It confused me…I didn’t know how I knew or where the information was coming from… It was just there.  Now.. I know. 🙂

Understanding ourselves…where we have come from, what we have lived through and how we have experienced life so far, helps us understand our beginnings.  It helps us embrace our psychic abilities as well as understand them. This has become much longer than I had hoped…so I will end here and pick things up in my next blog.



Here are “some” sites I have really enjoyed along my psychic journey.  Some are websites, some are other blogs, I hope you enjoy perusing them and maybe find something that connects with you.  🙂

Michelle DesPres
Sarina Baptista
Jonelle Davis
The Power Path
The Traveling Psychic Supper Club
Whats your sign

Some of the first authors I connected with were:
Sonia Choquette
Doreen Virtue
John Holland

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