Tune into PLV Radio and listen on demand to my show: Spiritual Awakenings

Tune into Spiritual Awakenings on PLV Radio, and listen to this weeks show: Nothing stays the same but change.

Join Jackie as she talks about change. She talks candidly about the similarities and differences imagesseasof the seasons within her life.  Jackie takes the everyday experiences we all have and unwraps the spiritual aspect.  In today’s show she compares the changes of the seasons to the changes in our lives.  She also talks about how we can take a lesson from the earth and learn to be an active participant in the changes versus letting them just happen. We have all heard the saying “Nothing stays the same but change” But what does that mean? Jackie talks about what part we play or can play in the changes in your life.  She discusses how you can start to welcome and make change in your life…how to allow it.

Listen in as Jackie shares a personal story about how she was awakened to the changes around her, how she learned the importance of being aware of your surroundings. She shares her lesson on perspective and challenges you to make some small simple changes in your life, and pay attention to the results.




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