Airing now on Spiritual Awakens~ How do you untangle the chaos in your head?

Tangled Trees
Original photograph of tangled trees I came upon on a hike.







Listen in as I talk about my own personal discovery of the everyday tangles in our lives as well as the benefits of Meditative drawing.

original piece
original piece

What I knew as doodling has a name and a purpose. Zentangles…Meditative drawing… try it out!!

Listen in as I share my personal journey of untangling the chaotic thoughts in my own head. I will share my own process and experience of confronting my go and fear based voices that can at times run wild within my head.

We all have our own hurdles and demons to overcome…it does not matter who you are or how enhanced your psychic abilities are… each one of us needs to take a moment and stop…and  “check yourself, before you wreck yourself”.   Click here to listen in.

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