Welcome to Mountain Monday

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I have decided to put a fun spin on “Monday’s”, if you follow my instagram or me on Facebook you will have noticed that I have started to call Monday ” Mountain Monday “. My husband and I decided to name it that since it is the day of the week we are both off together and have been lucky enough to be able to do some hiking in the mountains.  Makes sense right? 🙂

Last week we spent time with family back in our home state of Minnesota, being as there are no mountains in Minnesota, it became Minnesota Monday.

Each Monday going forward I will post a fun picture and quip intended to brighten your day.

Here is today’s: Mountain Monday meets Motorcycle Meditation








Learning to see the transitions in our life as a time of beauty and reflection versus loss and regret, will allow us to create a healthy an empowered tomorrow.

As we drove along the winding road we felt the change in the air.  Crisp, cool hinting that Fall was just around the corner.  Not quite here, but not far away.  Along the road were dabs of yellow hiding among the many shades of green.  A sure sign that change was not only coming…but happening even as we breathed.  Made me really ponder upon how we all deal with change.  The sadness, regret that will sometimes swell to the surface.  How you treat these emotions is up to you…

Happy Monday!

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