The Eulogy


A photo I took in Taos At the Pueblo Reservation. The Cemetery
A photo I took in Taos At the Pueblo Reservation. The Cemetery

Sometimes it is all about saying good-bye.

BLANK will be sorely missed—both by his host as well as the many fears and blocks he helped to create. He will be remembered for all joy and love but also all the space he took up which kept anything new and better from coming in. He will be remembered for all the doubt and lost inspiration. But as he rests from his life’s long labor, this experience should know that he has made his host who they are today. The world is most definitely a better place because of the experience.  But it is now time to say goodbye and give way to something new.

Sounds rather silly doesn’t it?  Or…does it? For some it may be exactly what is needed.

As tightly as we hold on to past experiences our old ideals and even an out dated frame of mind you would think that they were human.  It is amazing how attached to them we have become, it is as if they were beloved members of our families.

So many of us try and try to let go, move past the hurdles that block us time and time again. And yet…they keep popping up.

It’s not always a bad thing that they keep popping up, sometimes it is because we have not yet learned all that we are supposed to have learned from them….but, most of the time, its because we are afraid to let go.  Some irrational thought keeps us holding on, such as if we let go of it completely we are not honoring the experience or maybe we are afraid of lessening the emotions that were involved.  Each of these excuses are possible, they happened and you are the person you are because of it.  You do not need to carry emotional baggage or reminders with you to authenticate the experience.

As time goes by we will always gain a different perspective to the good and bad experiences that we have had.  It is a natural occurrence that happens as we grow and develop.  What if, the next time something comes back to haunt you, you put it to rest officially?

Write an obituary or eulogy, completing the story and giving it closure.  Take it the next step and bury it.  Give it and your words to the earth. She will take it, cleanse and recycle it into the earth.  Sometimes we need to put it to rest.  This will work (help) with people as well as experiences or situations, allow yourself to be creative.  The ego likes to hold on to all our wins and losses, our ups and our downs, they are like medals displayed to prove something…to no one.  Medals to prove it happened.  I don’t know about you, but I lived it, I do not need to clutter myself with badges proving it happened.

If you choose to try this process I highly encourage you to be a 100% honest with yourself (it is the only way it will work) and either give away or bury the physical mementos or reminders that you have stashed away…

This is a great ritual to try , especially right now around the equinox! We are all switching gears, moving into another cycle of time.  The less baggage we carry with us the lighter the travels.  The less encumbered we travel to this new cycle the more we will be able to learn and experience.

I wish you all new and exciting adventures this season!!



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