Another Mountain Monday in September

Mountain Monday's hike on Arthur's Rock trail
Mountain Monday’s hike on Arthur’s Rock trail

I was so happy to to be able to get out before the rain came through today and enjoy the beautiful season of Fall.

The air was crisp and fresh…and the ground moist from the rain of the evening before. We love finding new places to explore and are so lucky to be surrounded with so many options!  As we started out we watched the sky and all the fog rolling around above us with confidence that it would remain fog and not turn into rain.

A beautiful tree in the fog
A beautiful tree in the fog

The path led us into a beautiful mix of forest and rock terrain.  It quickly went from level to a definite hill.  As we ascended it got quieter and quieter, you could hear the trees creaking.  Today, unlike many of our other hikes it seemed as though all of our senses were heightened…fully open and activated.  You could hear the breeze before you felt it, smell the wood rotting and the decaying of the leaves.  The pines were fresh and the air was moist.  Truly felt as if we were in Minnesota or Oregon, not the dry aired climate we have come accustom to in Colorado.

The trail was beautiful, the elevation quickly changed and we were surrounded with boulders and pine…finding the summit we spent a lot of time climbing around the boulders, exploring, trying to find the highest spot to perch on and eat our morning snack.

How is all this relevant to anything at all especially clairvoyance?

Well… I guess it is more about life in general and being able to explore new territory regardless of the surrounding factors.  You don’t need the perfect sunny day to take control of your day.  By venturing out in all kinds of situations you learn to use the things you take for granted.  You let your other senses take the lead every now and then.  You allow yourself to awaken.  You experience something…anything…from a different perspective.

The climb up the mountain provided one view and the climb down provides a completely different view (even when you retrace your steps completely).  Your perspective has changed…you see things you missed when headed the other direction.

The message is this, switch it up.  If you find yourself always going a specific way to work or home…take a new way.  Go left instead of right.  Break up your routine a bit, and allow yourself to be presented with a new perspective.

By changing little things in our life like this…we welcome those new experiences you may be asking for, into our life.  You are still traveling from point A to Z…why not take the scenic route every now and then.  You never know what may await you.

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