What I learned about life while climbing a mountain.

Mt Beirstadt, Colorado
Mt Beirstadt, Colorado

I am feeling a bit off kilter this week, as well as a little behind schedule.  My husband and I climbed our first fourteen-er,here in Colorado, Mt. Beirstadt on Monday this week. It is said to be one of the four easier mountains.  I am not sure I would call it “easy” but…I was able to complete it so there is that.  Took 7 hours there and back, not a time to brag about although I will.  I am extremely proud of both of us.

Climbing that mountain this week made me really look at the many different obstacles in my life.  The ones I have placed there, and the ones that have been ever so graciously placed there for me by others.  Made me realize that nothing is insurmountable.  There is something within us that allows us to get a second wind…a, new perspective. It allows us to change our thoughts, when we are able to stop looking at how much farther we have to go and really appreciate how far we have come.

I also learned that day that making it to the top is not always the hardest part (even though it may seem so at the time) no, it’s maintaining your balance on the way down that is challenging.

I am not sure exactly when my husband and I decided to take the “talk” of climbing a fourteen-er from just a thought to actually doing it, but I am pretty sure it had something to do with the energy being presented to us right now.

August has been reported as being a highly charged month.  The month has already proven to be full of energetic activity one of which was the Super Moon.  But there is something more…something pushing at us.  How we decide to process or manifest this energy is really up to each one of us individually.  Are you up to the challenge?  Have you cleared away enough of the debris that has been blocking your path allowing you to proceed, to move forward?

This month…you will know where you stand, if you have anything in your way, if there is something you are ignoring…it will jump up and hit you smack dab in the middle of the face.  These “things” are refusing to be unseen, unheard or un-felt.  For many this will suck.  If this is where you are finding yourself…do what I did.  While on that hike there was a point when I thought I was not able to go any further.  I physically hurt…couldn’t breathe..I had to stop. I knew I needed to really look at where I was going, and change the way I was going about getting there.  I had to allow myself to take frequent breaks, I realized that pushing was sure to make me fail.  I realized I needed to speak up and let my husband and myself know that I needed to rest…and then rest.n  I allowed myself to calm down and took a real long look at where I had come from.  I let myself appreciate the climb that got me to where I was.  Our issues and problems are like this.  We don’t need to forge forward like we are in the front lines of a battle.  It is an eb and flow and finding “your” balance.  Not someone elses.

It feels in a sense like a giant pimple on the tip of your nose.  No avoiding it…it’s there…you cannot look around it, or through it.  It is demanding your attention, to be noticed and dealt with.

The good thing is that Leo provides us with a lot of energy…an unwavering sense of  power.  If you are able to embrace this power positively, you will be ready for action and change.  Ready for anything…like climbing a mountain! If you are not able to embrace the power and you try to contain it…ignor it…it will erupt.  Most likely when you least expect it….or more likely in a negative fashion such as exploding at someone or becoming extremely impatient. You may find yourself becoming agitated and irritated at the drop of a hat.  This is because you are ignoring that pimple on your nose…or stumbling on that big lump of crap you swept under the rug.

Embrace the rest of the month…take advantage of Leo’s passion and energy and wear that energy as a coat of confidence.  Be the king of the jungle called your life.  Roar…in a good way. 🙂

danaIf you feel overwhelmed and unable to absorb the powerful energy, try asking for help. Sit quietly, call in some support from Arch Angel Michael or Goddess Dana, and Arch Angel Raphael,  ask them to help support you and provide you with the ability to believe in yourself.  Conquer those issues you keep putting off.  One thing that will help you keep up with the enormous amount of energy that is pouring in right now is…get active.  You don’t have to climb a mountain but do increase your activity… take a walk, ride a bike, swim…do something.  Get outdoors and connect with Mother Earth.

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is make time for ourselves.  It is hard to believe when we are so extremely tired that any kind of physical activity is even possible.  But believe me, sometimes it is just what is needed.  Baby steps…that is all it takes.

I would love to hear about your mountain you have climbed…Or any insight you may like to add. <3




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