Four parts to the self that are often overlooked.

When you start to describe yourself, how do you do it?  There are many descriptive words that the majority seem to use in basic intros.  Words like male or female, short or tall seem to start off the description and then some will begin to go deeper and begin to define aspects of themselves with things like married, single, children, mother, father, pieces of what we outwardly appear to be.  This works when dealing in social situations, but have you ever really wondered what comprises the self?  Many may be thinking or saying…our experiences.  Sure our experiences help to mold us into who we are, but have you ever really stopped and wondered why you deal with something one way and someone else deals with it another?  We all handle situations and experiences differently some of it from lessons we have already learned, sure…but there has to be more to it.  I believe that there is more…

I believe that there are actually four primary components that make up the self.  Each one of them bringing a wealth of their own ingredients helping to really customize our personal recipe of who we are.  Check them out and let me know your thoughts!


What makes up the self? Rather a funny word all on its own don’t you think?  Self…The self… Selfless.  When we use the word we instinctively know we are talking about us..ourselves but have you really thought about what that is?

We are all made up of a divine light, love and energetic matter.  But are we not so much more?  We have to be, to be as complicated as we are.  I believe the Self consists of 4 basic parts; Spirit, Ego, Love and Forgiveness.  It is a beautiful idea really.  Each of these parts are unique to us and how we give and receive, how we react and how we express ourselves.  They help express us and at times define us.  The amazing thing is that each of these areas are ever changing.


Spirit: Such a big word.  Beautiful bright spirit, it is what we all are when all is stripped away.  It is what we enter this world with and what we leave with.  To be human however means we are more than just spirit.  We have to incorporate additional energetic bodies into our physical form to even exist. We are an Energetic Body, Physical Body, Mental Body and an Emotional Body to name a few.  What that means is that we bring many different aspects together to form the self.

Ego:  This word gets probably the worst rap.  Ego somewhere along the line has taken on a negative only role in the human form.  Being considered or known as egotistical is negative yes, but like anything in extremes it can be bad. We need the ego, it is needed in this lifetime.  Our human self needs the ego as part of our equation to self.  It is an integral part of helping to create the self.  It brings to the self drive, inspiration and goals. It also imparts action into the plan.

RockLove: I like to look at it as the binding agent of the self.  It holds us together, keeps us centered and connected to all the aspects of who we are, the self. It allows us to see the good in others.  It inspires us to share and create bonds and connections both inwardly and outwardly.  Love is the essential ingredient in the passion that sparks the flame of growth in our life.

Forgiveness: For some this may seem like an odd ingredient to the self.  But if you look deeper you will understand.  Forgiveness is a key part of the self, without it we could not forgive our mistakes (which there are many) we may make. It allows us to forgive others. It is what reminds us that we are human.  With forgiveness as part of the self we are able to incorporate Spirit, Ego, Love.  We are able to grow.  Forgiveness will take on many different roles in the self at different stages of our development, with out it we would not survive.

There you have it, my take of the 4 parts/ components of the self.  Take a few minutes today and think about what you would be like with out one of the four.  Do you appreciate all the parts that make you…you?  I know that we are tall the above…as well as so much more, we are infinite beings with multiple aspect of the self.  think though, what would you be with out one of the four listed above.



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