Do you sometimes feel like an observer in your own life?


Reflections and observations
Reflections and observations

I have noticed lately that I have become an observer of sorts within my own life.  Watching, listening and at times participating.  This seems to be such a new and unfamiliar time for so many of us.  This time of transformation.  We seem to be living in the moments before something happens.

Time moving forward at the same speed it has always moved, and yet I feel slightly disconnected with the flow.  This is not necessarily a bad thing…but most certainly different than the regular hustle and bustle I have been accustom to.

Since everything is a form of energy and energy is constantly moving…I believe this sense of disconnect is really a collective energetic shift. We have just gone from Spring to Summer with the Summer solstice.  This shift in our seasons affects us, we have also just experienced the longest day of the year, this seasonal planetary alignment definitely brings new energy and a new and different energetic pull to our daily lives.  This alone can cause pause in our daily routines, emotions as well as our focus both internal and external.  For many there is an increase in activity or motivation.  The sun has a way of propelling us forward.

However there is more to it for me as well as the countless of others out there feeling it. I am different.  My energy is different.  It nearly feels as if a reset button has been hit. A button that clears all customized programming, and allows one to come back to factory reset (so to speak).  Normally I would not say a factory program would be a good thing, sounds so sterile and generic.  Who doesn’t like customizing let’s say your phone or computer to fit what you like and how you use it. But what if the programming wasn’t done with what you like or how you want to use it.  What if all the programming is based on external experiences and reactions.  What if you were not the one doing the programming?  Then a reset is rather nice, wouldn’t you say?

Everything feels blank…but in a good way. Like a clean slate.   There are less reactive responses…triggers so to speak, and more acceptance to what is.  It feels as if it is the beginning of a new creation.  Time to create what you truly want versus what you once thought you wanted.  When conditioning and programming is removed or “thinned” out we are able to readjust and find our true north.  We are able to remember who we were born to be.  Not just who we became.  There is so much more then what we ever thought there was.  There is room for all of it.  Each experience is valued and cherished for what we have learned and what we have realized or awaken within ourselves.  Everything is released…yet nothing is forgotten.

When this release begins to happen, we feel different, changed, lighter.  With these emotional changes we also begin to see and feel physical changes. The more we release the higher we vibrate.  It makes sense really…we are physical beings.  We (like all energies) vibrate, but our mass is such that our ability to vibrate at the same speed and sound as spirit is next to impossible given our physical form.  Add to our physical density any and all energies we pull into or hold on to in our physical space, begins to weighs us down.  When we begin to let go of that energy or energies that are not ours or no longer serve us we allow ourselves to increase our vibration.  Back to the speed at which we were born vibrating at. This experience I believe can be felt as a symptom or ailment.  We may feel dizzy or light headed, or just off as well as unbalanced.

How many of you have just felt…under the weather, ill but not really sick?  I believe this has a lot to do with our personal vibration ( think of the “string” theory).

In this time of readjustment to the “reset” , I believe we will experience many things. Some of which will be times of confusion, peace, intense emotions, even a sense of detachment.  Or that feeling as though you are all alone and don’t “fit” in any specific group or category.  Hold strong as this is just a time of readjustment.

It is a time of finding personal balance within your four bodies.  Your spirit body, your physical body, emotional body and your mental body.  You get to customize your program based on your experiences only, not the programs created out of guilt or obligation that were imposed upon you. The key in this lifetime is finding a balance that is right for you.  There is no one size fits all.  There is no possible way for there to be. We are all unique.

So when you catch yourself on the outside looking in…take notes.  It could be a sign that your awakening to the real you.  A sign that your reset button has been pushed and you are assessing what you see.  It is in these moments…the moment before the big event, that we able to assessing where and who we really are.  Enjoy the moments…all of them.



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