Scare away the dark.


How does one go about scaring away the dark?

I was driving the other day and heard the words “If we all light up we can scare the dark away”.  I was instantly captivated by this song.  My mind kicked into overdrive and I started to think how true this statement actually is, in so many ways!

The lyrics came from the song Scare away the dark  by Passenger.  I have added a link for you to check out the lyrics.

The line in the song made me think about the many fears people have about stepping into their spirit.  I have heard so many times that people are afraid, they are afraid of listening to the messages they receive from spirit.  They are afraid of letting darkness in.

I have been asked how do you keep darkness out?  The answer is, with my light of course!   Dark is the lack of color.  White is all color.  Surrounding yourself with light (white light) will make it impossible for dark to control you.   I believe that light is all powerful.  If you let fear drive you, dictate where you go, you are operating from a darker place.   Fear is dark, and love is light. The smallest amount of light will overcome any form of darkness. When we believe in the light…we believe in the power of all that is good.  Dark has no power.  Just believing in the light is all you need.

Many may disagree with me… But, somehow I really believe this to be true.

For me, this song really made me realize the power we all possess, as well as how much time we spend disconnected from ourselves and others.  The more disconnected we are the more confusion and fear we let grow within us.  Each and every one of us has the power to change our perspective.   Empower yourself to change your life.

Enjoy your weekend.



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