New Class Starts this Week!

Enhance your Reading Skills Class

Starts Thursday April 3rd in Loveland Colorado!

Penton Media Building 221 East 29th St. Loveland, CO 80538 (Use North Entrance) Click here for directions

$10 per person.  This is a carry over class to the Thursday Psychic Mic night held in Fort Collins with myself and Michelle DesPres.  Being I live in Loveland I wanted to host a class a little closer to home.  The first and third Thursday of the month I will be setting up shop in the Grace Yoga studio.  Please join me.  Together we will run energy…and open our minds to our intuition.  We will work on reading each other in a controlled, safe environment.

We all have intuition…we are all psychic…but like anything it takes practice to enhance your gifts and abilities.  Practice gives you the confidence to trust what you feel.  You don’t need to call yourself a “psychic” to come to this class.  You do have to be open to hearing what your intuition or guides want to share with you.

Learning to listen to that voice within will help you in your everyday life.  Help you at work, with family and with friends.

Let’s compare it in the beginning to a flashlight or candle… Look at it like this… It is evening, and you are sitting in your home when suddenly the power goes out.  It is pitch black.  Do you stumble around in the dark or do you find a flashlight or candle to help illuminate your way around in the darkness?  My guess is you use a flashlight or candle to help light the way. This is what intuition does for us.  When we actually tap in…pay attention…listen and acknowledge that inner knowing, the voices, guidance, we are illuminating our path.

Going deeper… that guidance comes from our higher selves…the Divine, Higher Power, our Angels.  No matter your religious belief…the Divine, Higher Power and Angels, will always and forever have our highest and best interest at heart.

If you are local, I hope you will be able to join us!




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