I believe I can fly

20120303-223748.jpgEver have one of those days when you believed anything was possible?  This is what last Saturday was for me. Wouldn’t have expected it being it was daylight savings time.  For those of you who are blessed to not have to follow this seemingly unnecessary seasonal passage, you are lucky!

We have two each year, one in Fall, when you “fall” back an hour and one in the spring, where you “spring” ahead. Springing ahead is definitely the worse of the two. Losing and hour can really mess up our system… but this day… the weather was simply too beautiful (close to 70 degrees!) to allow anything to really dampen the day. It was tough to be anything but inspired.

After a morning of lounging we took an amazing motorcycle ride up and over Horse tooth reservoir and mountain. The only way I can describe this ride is to say that the landscape feeds my soul.

I realized that day, while comfortably seated on the back of our Road King Classic Motorcycle that March has been a magically month for me. This last year I have been fixated with the 3 of wands card from my Shadowscapes Tarot deck… the image and the message, which I have shared frequently, spurred something within me.3 of Wands I honestly believe that last year around this time a seed was planted or awaken within my soul.  It has taken this last year to really feed and nourish it so that it could take hold.  This spring… it is emerging… I am emerging… Like the woman on the precipice in the card…I am now trusting my future, and creating my own path.  I am choosing to trust that even though the path is not laid out solidly in front of me it will appear as I need it. The first Monday of this magical month of March, I was “let go” from my day job of 11 1/2 years.  It has been so freeing.

While on the back of the bike Saturday I was filled with this overwhelming sense of peace, joy…happiness. I truly believed I could fly!  My spirit was soaring…my heart was filling with excitement.  I was flooded with possibilities.  It was in those minutes on the back of the bike that I really began to realize how heavy of a weight I had been carrying.

The message that I am wanting to share is this .. we must be true to ourselves, until we do we will not feel the depth of the happiness that is available to us.  We will be happy…content even. However until you are finally ready… able, to shed… or let go of whatever you are clinging to or that which has clung onto you… well…that is when you will truly feel happiness.

I have learned that I have been happy but I had forgotten the depth and beauty of complete happiness.  With this happiness I have found a sense of peace and acceptance.  It has been an incredible journey.  I wish you strength and courage to release the grip you have on something that is no longer serving you.  I want to assure you that when you are authentic and true to yourself the results are truly amazing.

Happiness is yours to grab onto…you just need to let go of what is holding you back.  Trust me when I say I know this sounds far easier then it actually is.  Those voices that hold us in place are very strong and authoritative, they label themselves as justification, rationalization, obligation… What we need to do is LET GO of the `tions! Listen more to the inner desire we all carry.  This voice often gets drowned out…and this is the one we should be listening to.

Empower your inner voice to lead your life, trust it.

Thank you for your support through my personal journey… I hope that I am able to help guide and support you through your journey.


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