It is time…time… to let it go….






How many of us feel frozen?

Sure this time of year many of us are saying uh…duh…its winter, and one of the coldest winters at that is most areas of the United States.  My own birth state of Minnesota has been under a frozen tundra of ice and snow for most of the season.

But, that’s not really what I am talking about.  Like the weather…how many out there feel frozen in place, like you are waiting for a thaw?  I finally saw the Disney movie Frozen this last weekend… and it really made me think.  Actually, the thinking started before I even saw the movie really.  My daughter saw it and fell in love with one of the songs…Let it go.  She came home turned up the stereo (my husband has an amazing stereo system) and had me listen to it.  I instantly got goose bumps.  Just thinking about it, I get goose bumps.  Let it go… yes…isn’t that what we are all working towards?  Letting go of the things that hold us back…the things that we hide our true selves under?  To me this song became an anthem…a plea and a quest… as well as a celebration.  The song, is simply magical it is what compelled me to see the movie.

For me the movie really spoke out about how when we hide who we really are we lose control over what we become… So many people begin to believe  that they are bad, evil or dangerous.  But when we learn that when we embrace who we are…and live through our heart, there is never anything to fear.  By living in fear we create danger…we feed the insecurities that keep us bound to our struggles and our limitations.  Step outside the mold and let yourself be who you dream you to be.

Each and everyone of us are like the girl in Frozen.   We all carry our own unique gift, a spark  you know the one it is that light we have within.  It is what makes us unique, different and special. It is the one we try to hide.  Some have even been told to hide it so they could “fit” in.   To me…the truly amazing thing is that as soon as we let our lights shine, as soon as you let your spark ignite through your heart… we finally find out who we really are.

I ask us all to go within.  Look at what you are holding back, what you are hiding from yourself as well as everyone else.  Then, ask yourself why?  As always I will suggest that you write down what you find.  Once you have uncovered the spark or sparks…ask yourself the question of “why” why are or were you hiding it?  Don’t judge your findings. Maintaining a sense of neutrality, especially in self discovery is very hard…but it is imperative.  If we do not remain neutral to what we find we can start a domino effect of negative self talk, which is completely unproductive.  The key to look at it as an outsider or as a friend or caring parent. This is the perspective that allows us to love ourselves and give the supportive assurance that we need to take the next step.

That step to becoming who you are is found in acceptance of who you have been.  The act of removing the judgement from what you find or feel is what will propel you to shed the cloak that you have been hiding under.

Let it go.  Let your light shine.  Take some time over the next few days and work on feeding your personal flame.



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