Have you ever wanted to ask a psychic a question?





You know, test it… see if they had the magic answer?  The truth is there are no magic answers.  What there is, is plenty of guidance, enlightenment and often validation.

So often the idea of getting a “reading” from a psychic stays an idea.  Look at the list of common reasons and see if any of these resonates with you:

  1. Fear
    1. Of having your mind read
    2. Seeing your inner most secrets
    3. Losing control
    4. Being manipulated
    5. Told scary news
    6. Being exposed
    7. What others might think if they new
    8. Feeling foolish
    9. Money- what if you spend all that money and they were not genuine?
    10. Don’t have time
    11. Don’t know how to find a quality, reputable psychic in your area
    12. Too far away
    13. What if they cannot connect with you?
    14. You don’t know if you really believe
    15. You feel stupid

I think these are not inclusive of course… but they are things many of us think or have thought.  The thing is… each and every one of us can and could do readings.  We all have the ability.  Stop for a minute and think about a body builder.  Here is a good example of someone creating their image.  They were not born looking like that… they were however; born with the potential to look like that.  They had to work at it; they had to grow that muscle.  Being psychic’s, mediums and clairvoyants have the similar task.  They have had to work that intuitive muscle, develop and grow it.

We are all unique energetic beings with the innate ability to tap into source and be guided with universal knowledge.  Most people however; due to cultural conditioning or religious programming and preset family expectations and values are closed off to the possibility of seeking and finding their own answers and truth.

Professional Psychics, Clairvoyants and Mediums are those that either never have been cloaked by all the doubt in the world or they have chosen and worked diligently at removing the layers of sludge that kept them in the dark.  They can tap into the universal energies…their higher self…the Angels, guides and spirits that are right there waiting to connect with us, waiting to assist.   Some are born so sensitive that no matter their environment they are not to be hidden or stifled.  These beautiful souls often live a very tormented life of ridicule.  They’re afraid to share all that they see and know.  If they are not lucky enough to be surrounded by a family that accepts and supports their uniqueness, they can end up struggling with depression and many other mental health issues as well as feeling like they just don’t belong.

I strongly believe that we should all have the opportunity, at least once in our life to interact and connect with a psychic.

I was given the wonderful opportunity to work with a fellow Psychic and friend to co-found and create the Psychic Help Network.

phn sealwww.psychichelpnetwork.com this network provides what I believe is a much needed service to the masses.  It is an opportunity to offer affordable readings and expand awareness to the collective.  Please check out the website, pass it along to anyone you feel may benefit from the service.  Try it yourself and let me know what you think.  All of our readings are done with the highest of intentions and vibrations.  Readings are performed from a state of neutrality and amusement as well as from a concentration of the higher 4 chakras.

As always I hope that you find your answers.  Where ever you go to have a reading, or interact with a Psychic, Clairvoyant and/ or Medium always remember that you hold your truth.  If something does not feel right or resonate with you don’t force it.  This does not mean that the information you have received is wrong it just means that the symbology was possibly mis-translated.  Often the messages we receive from a higher source can come to us in the form of pictures, colors, sounds experiences and words.  What many will do with these messages is translate them into what they represent and mean to them personally.  Spirit vibrates at such a high level frequency that communication can be difficult at times.  We can learn to raise our vibration by keeping our thoughts positive and removing the heavy weighted energy of negativity. It is very important to understand that each and every one of us has our own tool box of symbols.  For example when I see the image of a bright red fire truck in a reading I am doing it may mean  protection, safety, alarm or represent help is on the way in some form…but what does it mean to you?  I often will take into consideration the other information in the reading… but ultimately speak to what I see.  Because that image of the red fire truck may mean something unique to you or your connection with someone in your life.  We are all different; we all have different experiences to reflect upon.

Don’t let fear stand in your way… experiment with life and let your inner light shine!





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