What happens when you no longer want what you thought you wanted?









January 2nd started like any other ordinary day for me.  I woke up and went to work.  Of course I had spent the New Year affirming my intentions for not only the New Year, but the New moon.  Like many of you I was ready, ready to take the next steps along my path.  Then…the phone rings.  Screech~~~~~~

What happened was intentions that had been previously set, were beginning to  manifest, and this made me aware of something.

So often we talk about how to get what we want, which is good, however we need to talk about what happens when we get what we thought we want?  Let me back up… I had set an intention a while back.  When I set the intention I was positive it was the only way…and what I really wanted.  I am certain that because I believed in it so intensely, it was created.   I was positive that I wanted it and that I could do it if I wanted it.  Maybe it was the long shot of it actually happening that made me feel so confident.  It was the “what do I have to lose” attitude that really propelled my confidence. The message here is that when we risk without doubt or second thought….we don’t confuse the universe.

Now back to that phone call… I felt my stomach flop and my brain could not keep up with my thoughts.  You see….I had moved on.  I thought that it was no longer an option.  Now that I had it sitting there looking at me I wasn’t sure what to do. What I did was took the next steps going forward.

My dream could come true….BUT….what if it is no longer my dream?

What happens when you no longer want what you think you wanted?  Are you strong enough to know when to say no?  Do you trust yourself enough to realize that you have changed and so have your dreams?  That what was once a path you were either on or chasing is no longer really yours? It is ok….actually it is more than ok to change your mind.  Changing your mind, direction can mean that you are actually living your life as you move towards your goals.  This movement forward allows you to learn more about what you want and what you don’t want.

Enough about me and my personal crossroads, lets talk about learning to give yourself permission to change your mind.  Where does it say that you have to do what you decided to do when you were 6 or in your 20’s, or 30’s or whatever age you are for that matter.   Our lives change, we change, our desires change.  Give yourself permission to change paths. When we want something so badly we manifest it. During the time it takes to manifest, we live our lives and are exposed to so many other things that we end up learning new things about ourselves. We learn things we hadn’t realize about ourselves yet. Why deny your new desires or goals?    Embrace happiness by embracing who you are today, not who your were yesterday or are going to be tomorrow.

Sure, it sounds easy.  I know it is not.  I know first hand that changing directions forces us to speak our truth to ourselves, look within and support the person we have become.  Settling for something that is comfortable and of the “norm” is not really living to our full potential.  It can be frustrating when what we know deep in our hearts would make us happy is not what was in your original plan or…not mainstream.  Wouldn’t you want someone you love to be happy?  wouldn’t your encourage them to reach for their dreams?  Would you put limitations on those dreams…wouldn’t you tell them that they deserved to be the person they were meant to be?  Well, isn’t it about time that “we” love ourselves enough to listen to the words we would share with the ones we love? Don’t we deserve to be loved enough by ourselves to trust and believe that we can be and do whatever we want?

Some words to ponder…something to think hard and long about.  Are we as forgiving to ourselves as we are to others?  If not…why????

I believe in you, it is time we believe in ourselves. It is time to embrace all that we encounter along the way, for all that we experience…the good the bad…the unknown…it all shapes us into who we are today.  So go ahead…change your mind!



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