The proverbial Clean Slate…

IMG_20130917_122135Here we are…the beginning of a New Year.  The proverbial CLEAN SLATE.

Hmph….clean slate…possibly.  I suppose I think of it like this a little as well. It is in a sense that one time of the year that we seem to give our selves the permission to start over and LET…Things GO.  But why do we feel we have to wait and do this only once a year?   This year, try to carry the feeling that ANYTHING is possible with you through out the year!  Agree to give yourself the permission to let go of the things in your life that no longer serve your highest good (throughout the whole year).

Letting go is such a difficult task for so many of us.  We are programmed to hold on from a very early age.  I think we also feel that if we let something go we will forget the emotions and the experiences that were attached.  However; if this were true,  anyone that has ever had a heart-break in an relationship would be able to just throw out the photos…the gifts…and anything else that was connected to the other person and be free of all the pain and heartache.  Doesn’t happen like that though does it?  No… why then are we so afraid?  Our memories and experiences are part of who we are.  They have helped us to become the people we are today, molded us in a sense. We are also under some weird perception that if we hold on to something it has some magical ability to:

  • Prove we care
  • Provide validation
  • Prove our intensity
  • Prove our emotional attachment

All these are really attached to our ego.  In our hearts we know we cared, we have validation, we are aware of our intensity, and we already know our emotional attachment.  There is nothing to prove…to anyone.

January is a really good time for us to get organized.  Many of us spent time listing resolutions and intentions for the new year. Today let’s shift our attention to household organization.  As we get ready to put decorations away…amped to remove the clutter that we had begun to feel from our holiday celebrations, the desire to organize starts to build.  I know I usually feel this way and this year is no different.

To keep the momentum going while in this state of clarity and “new beginnings” take a moment and make a list.  A list of things you hope to carry out this year.  This is not to be confused with the Intention list I have talked about or a list of resolutions, but more of a task list.  This list will be composed of things you want to change or do, to your living space, surroundings, and / or the environment.  Use this list throughout the year to help you stay focused.

Next, create a list of what you want to Let go of.  This will be a list that you work the whole year.  Today for example you may have only one thing on it…next week you may find that you have are ready to let go of something, three months from now you could be evaluating things and realize it is time to work on letting more go.  The list is to aid you in letting go, by physically writing it down.  The simple act of writing it on a piece of paper is an act of releasing it.  The intention is set, the momentum is there.  Through out the list you can look at what you have consciously acknowledge in your life that you either need to or are ready to let go of.   Whether you are able to successfully let go the items listed (by simply writing them) is not the real point.  The point of this excercise is staying aware of our intentions.

I like to think of the above activities as a form of organization.  By clearing away the clutter, be it physical items in our lives or emotional clutter, of what we needlessly hold on to… we let the universe and our selves know we are ready for more.

I wish you great success in creating the space in your life for the abundance that you are seeking.




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