The possibilities are endless when you learn to be an active participant in your own life.


It seems that I recently came down with a good old fashion case of writers block…again.  I have struggled for most of the month to really take thought to pen. There has been so much going on, so much to talk about, but by the time I have a moment or two, to sit and type it out something else feels more relevant to discuss.

I think the biggest message I have been receiving and hearing is to “Be in it”, to live it, to be an active participant in your own life.  To live outwardly as you would when it is but a dream.

One could look at this thought or statement in many different ways.  You could look at it from the angle that you begin to practice what you preach or maybe that you jump in and be a part of something.  Whatever meaning you take away from that statement is the right one for you.  Whatever “be in it” means to you is exactly what it is supposed to mean.

For me, well “be in it” has meant a lot of things.  It means to truly step into it, step into the arena that is calling my name.  It means to take an active participation in my life.  I am being called (we all are really) to be the driver not the passenger in our own lives, our hopes and or dreams.  I have participated in events in ways that I have never done before.  I have experienced what feels like the other side of the coin.

The lessons that I know that I am learning right now is that anything is possible.  I think we are all being challenged to actually live our lives.  Experience some of the choices we have been making.

By learning to “be in it” we learn what fears we have possibly attached (to whatever “it” is for you ) either rational or irrational.  We are seeing the power in our own abilities to adapt, we are breaking the cycles that have held us at bay.  We are becoming free.  Each moment we allow ourselves to actually “be in it” is a gift.  It is a gift of empowerment.

One of the gifts of “being in it” is we learn what fits or doesn’t fit for us.  We are able to tweak our perspective and learn where we still need to grow.  More importantly we are able to see or feel if “it” is something we really even want.  We are able to experience or see the view from many different perspectives.  From those perspectives (even if viewed shortly) we are often given insight.  We are able to peel back the layers of what we have spent many years of our life thinking we should do to find that it was never really our idea in the first place.

So as we near the new moon…pause and reflect.  Take a moment or two and write out 20 affirmations, affirming your personal intentions, goals, and direction.  Affirm your strength, your uniqueness, your beauty, and your personal zest for life (we all have a one and only you know what it is).   Make the affirmations “I am” statements.

You have spent the first half of the month being thrust into your  “it”… whether you wanted to or (for some) not.  Affirm what you want, where you are headed, who you will become.  Give yourself permission to be something other than what you or others thought you wanted to be, or better yet what you or they thought you should be.  Change is the only constant in life… be willing to allow for change, embrace change.

Anything is possible… but for it to be possible you have to believe in the possibilities.  Be a believer.    I believe that once we believe in ourselves…that… is when the magic happens.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New year.




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