Find out how running energy can help you with your anxiety.

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I have been wanting to blog about anxiety.

I have noticed a lot of people are starting to feel more and more anxiety than ever.  The Question is why?  Maybe the question isn’t as much why as it is why now?

I believe that besides the fact that statistically we are coming up on the most stressful holidays of the year…

  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • New Years
  • Valentines Day

All within months of each other! We are also dealing with major energetic changes.  Everything seems heightened, and slightly more intense then before.

I keep getting the image of a bunch of kids in socks shuffling /running around on carpet, getting all charged up….then zapping each other (just by barely touching each other).  I sense that a lot of us are doing this exact thing without even knowing it. It is like we are all charged up with no way to release it.  In the process of  letting things go, releasing what no longer serves us we have created an energetic charge.  With everything we have successfully released a new-found energy has crept into the empty space.  Every time we have reached another level in our personal growth we vibrate at a little higher frequency. Ideas start to spark, not fully formed but little energetic sparks.  We are beginning to see things differently.  We are starting to see the possibilities now that have created room.

This explains why more and more of us are being able to tap into spirit and connect with the other side as well.  We are allowing the possibilities to flow.  The higher we vibrate the more we are able to shed all that no longer serves us.

The problem with all of this is that our mental body begins to think we may not be ready or prepared for what we encounter next. It (our mental body) starts to formulate a plan, tries to put a structure around what we are beginning to create.  We begin to feel overwhelmed because we are not sure where we are headed and unsure of what it could even look like!  We begin to worry.

Worry is second nature to most of us.  But, why is that?  How productive is worry?  Doesn’t worry just perpetuate more worry, more concern and more anxiety?

There is a balance to be had by all this.  We must learn to trust in ourselves.  Believe that you are headed in the right direction.  There is a time for creation and a time for action.  don’t confuse them.  You must first allow yourself the permission to dream.  Then let that dream ferment, see what shape it takes on just by allowing it to be.  THEN you can start some action plans… writing things down…setting them on paper helps to put them in to motion.  None of this needs to happen within a specific amount of time…the process needs to be allowed.  The more you struggle… the more you fret… the more you think that it will never happen…or that you need to write and rewrite it over and over and over…the more you need to STOP.  STOP and ask yourself this one question.


Yep…that is what you need to ask AND answer.

Don’t just ask it and let the thoughts float around in thin air either.  Write them down, own them.  By writing them down they can become a lot less foreboding.  Sometimes they hurt a little more, because we are forced to see our weaknesses, and often we are also forced to look our ego straight in the eye.

But let’s go back to anxiety for a minute. Let’s say….you are either aware of all the above or…not there yet. Maybe you are finding yourself anxious and unsure of yourself.   I have found (through personal experience) that the simple process of running your energy, can change oh…so much.  By running my energy to start just once a week, I became more patient, less anxious and happier.  These are amazing claims.  What is even more amazing is that I am not exaggerating! The more you do it the better.

What is running energy.  Well I have written about it before (Steps to Grounding) and I have posted a quick video (Join Me as I run some Energy) … I think one of the key parts of the energy run I promote/support is…giving ourselves permission to RELEASE all our energy, duties, responsibilities and people who are attached to us.  So often we never let go of anything and we just drag it all with us.  When we do this our space gets so busy…so chaotic with other people’s energy as well as issues.  I know that it may sound silly, but you really need to try it.  Make it your own.  Listen to my run, read the steps I posted and give it a whirl.  By giving permission to release all that we hold on to, we are able to remember what it is to be who we are.

I believe anxiety is becoming an epidemic.  I don’t think it needs to be. Even if you don’t feel it is in the epidemic state.. you have to admit this is a very anxious time of year, and wouldn’t we welcome anything that could help slow things down a bit?   We can bring peace of mind and balance back into our lives by simply running your energy. It is the perfect combination to any medical treatment you are currently receiving!  More and more doctors are even subscribing meditation to help combat high blood pressure.  I am not sure about you but the mere mention of meditation can spring on all kinds of anxiety for me.

The moment I am told to sit quietly and empty my mind… stress hits.  I need to have a focus.  That is another reason I really connected with the energy runs above.  I can say after a few years of running my energy I am now able to approach meditation without tightening up and freaking out. 🙂

Check out some of the past blogs above and let me know if they help!



P.S. I actually tried a 21 day mantra and meditation challenge this last year and I am happy to say that I really enjoyed it.  During the 21 days I realized the benefits of using Mala beads / Prayer beads.  They were so helpful that I have started to make them.  If you are interested, check out the photos on Facebook.

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