Dreaming of change….is the first step towards change…not the only step.


Dreaming of Change…  I think we are all doing some form of this right now.

Dreaming is good. It really is.  But the one thing I have learned about dreaming of anything …is that eventually it falls to us to turn that dream into a reality. Often we get stuck in the dream mode.  Waiting for the dream to magically happen.  We seem to fail to own the dream, embrace it as who we are.  That ugly four letter word FEAR stands in our way.  It triggers something within us which keeps one foot firmly planted in the what is, by not allowing us to step completely forward.

I believe I have always been a dreamer.  I remember being accused of it many times as a child.  I recall hearing teachers, family memebers, friends say to me “stop dreaming”  “get your head out of the clouds” “be sensible”  “Can’t live off dreams”  I know I am not alone, many of us have heard these voices.   Now, some dreams are farther to reach than others, but…isn’t that what make them a dream?  Something that is possible yet seems impossible at the same time?  When I was a little girl I remember one of the many things I wanted to be growing up was a princess, my family chocked it up to being a typical little girl.  But, I did it.  I became the Princess of Loyalty Day for VFW Post 230 two years in a row. Was it the same kind of princess I dreamt of , no.  The illusion of what we dream of does not always match the reality.  But that is ok.  We are individuals and we make our reality.  We create the world we live in.  Does it matter that others do not believe in our dreams?  By the way we seek approval of our dreams, it seems that for the most of us it is a big factor in our achievement of our dreams. The thing is though…it shouldn’t, we are the only ones that can truly make our dreams come true.   How can we expect others to make our dreams come true, they have dreams of their own.

I read an article this evening titled Is it time to Reinvent your career Click the link and check it out if you can.  I connected immediately with the title.  I have worked for what feels like forever to reinvent my career to match my souls desire.  So often on this journey of mine I feel like I am so ready,  ready to jump and take the leap.  Every time I get close to taking this leap, I feel something pull me back.  It is all the internal chatter that stops me, things like… you need the steady income, what about benefits, you need to find an office, maybe I should wait and pay off my credit cards, maybe I should keep up both worlds, maybe I am supposed to help more people here, maybe…what if …maybe…what if…will my husband be resentful.  All these things crowd my thoughts.  I start to justify how I can do it all, work in both fields, be everything I need to be.  In reality something will have to give.  Exhaustion will kick in.  It is in times like these that the 3 of wands card pop into my head,  the image on this card (specifically the one from my favorite tarot deck Shadowscapes ).


 It reminds me that no matter how much I may want someone to push me, or force me to take that first step,  I need to take the steps myself.  I must be the one that takes the step, and trust that when I do the path will materialize before me.  It will only be there if it is what I believe in.  I must trust in my dream, breath deep and put forth the intention and effort to make my dream a success because it what I choose, not because I am forced to make something work.

I guess all I am saying is that the first step is having a dream, but to make it more than that you have to have faith in yourself and your dream. Give yourself the freedom to change your mind.  Maybe the dream you once had no longer fits with who you are today.  They are dreams and they should inspire you.  Once your dream has been established and you begin to take the steps forward, all those people in your life that  you wanted to push you off the ledge…now  move to the position of support – I like to look at it like a tight rope walker…and all the people in my life become my support wires, we can go it alone, but having at least one can make it that much easier.  The more support wires you have the more stable you will be, the less you wobble.  All the while we must also understanding that wobbling is sometimes a key part of the adventure.  

Everyone of us has doubts and fears.  It is what we do with them that differentiates us from each other.  

Dare to dream… and dream big!



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