Part 4 of the Clairs~ What am I feeling…Is it mine or yours?

Photo taken in my back yard. One cloud runs into the next…where does one start and the other one end.


Clairsentience….. What?  What in the world is this ? Is empathy and clairsentience the same thing?

I think that most of us have heard of the term empathy.  When I first heard the term I was probably in high school.  I was curious about what it meant.  How it was explained to me (at that time) still holds up actually.  I was told it was to understand how someone feels without going through the event to feel what they are feeling.  It always made sense to me.  It is different than compassion…different than pity…or feeling sorry for someone, it is having empathy for someone.   In my high school years I always took it to mean ” the ability to put myself in someone elses shoes and not only truly understand why they felt what they felt, but to felt it myself.”

This made total sense to me as well as confused me.  I remember thinking “why is this a thing?” “Doesn’t everyone think like this? and if they don’t…how is it possible that they don’t?”  I think that a lot of people are empathics…and don’t really think anything of it.  I also believe a lot of conflict gets started when you have one person who is empathic to a situation and another who is not; arguing a point.  They are both not seeing things from a whole perspective, not always by choice either…a lot of times they are just seeing and feeling what they know and understand.  I find it really hard to explain but…just know this is a main problem of communication around the world today.

I know that I am empathic… it is probably one of my strongest traits.  This is a double edge sword actually.  Until I really began to understand empathy I was a mess.  Highs, lows… confused by my or what I at least thought were my emotions led me to Doctors, and different types of anti-depressant at different times in my life.  I felt like I was on an emotional rollercoaster.  Could not understand why everyone else had everything all figured out.  That all being said…if you asked me how I felt, I was at a loss for words.  I would feel uncomfortable by the question.  Not necessarily because I did not want to share or answer…but because I couldn’t.  I could not figure out how to put into words what I felt or even break down into words and feelings what it was I was feeling.  Talk about frustrating.  In this phase of my life I was much more comfortable helping others through “their” feelings and emotions.  This was when I felt…the most stable with my emotions (or at least what I thought were mine).

Now understanding a little more about empathy I realize it is no wonder I was the most stable when helping others.  I was able to subdue their emotions which in turn were becoming mine.  Sooo hard to try to explain, however if you are empathic I know you will know what I am trying to convey.

Even when I

You may be saying to yourself…so, empathy is clairsentience then? Not really.  First let me share with you what I found on the internet for the definition of empathy.

When I looked up the definition of empathy I found this:


noun \ˈem-pə-thē\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of EMPATHY

: the imaginative projection of a subjective state into an object so that the object appears to be infused with it
: the action of understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to, and vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experience of another of either the past or present without having the feelings, thoughts, and experience fully communicated in an objectively explicit manner; also : the capacity for empathy
Now when I searched for the definition for Clairsentient… this is the generic version I came upon.


Web definitions
  1. (clairsentience) the ability for a person to acquire psychic knowledge by means of feeling

It is not uncommon for someone who is Empathic to also be Clairsentient. There is much debate on what the difference between the two is.  A clairsentient is more apt to get this emotional download by touching an object or even just by thinking of a person.  A clairsentient can pick up on experiences that happened in the past or even potential events in the future by just being in that location.

I am both empathic and clairsentient, however the dominant one of the two is empathy.   I have gone into a building and felt incredible uncomfortable… to the point where I have wanted to leave.  What happened was that I was picking up on the residual energy in that space…an energy that made me feel uncomfortable.

Here is an abbreviated experience I have recently started sharing.  In the mid 80’s when I was in high school, a friend and I were riding our bikes around town and came to an old cemetery.  We had been by it many times before (in cars).  As we were about half way past or so… we both had this really ominous feeling.  I felt a pull…my head started to get crowded and my heart was beating a mile a minute.  When I looked at my friend I knew instantly by the look on her face she was feeling it too.  We freaked out.  We pedaled like hell to get out of the vicinity of the cemetery.

Once we felt safely past it we stopped and shared our experiences with each other.  Then it was all eery and creepy and scary. I was a teenaged girl basically freaking out.  We really never talked about it after that.  Now…I look back on that situation and see it much differently.  I didn’t see per say any apparitions or ghosts…I felt what they were feeling.  What I believe happened is two things… I felt the emotions that were left at that location.  Loss, fear, pain, sadness… it was terrifying.  But I also believe that the spirits of those laid there…saw my light.  My light drew them to me.  I feel like that pull I felt was them wanting to communicate with me. Maybe to deliver a message to a loved one…maybe to give me a message.  It wasnt to scare me or haunt me.  Our lights shine like a beacon, a light house connecting our worlds.

I am not sure if I was able to really help you discern the difference between Empathy and Clairsentience…I hope I at least made you curious about what your feeling and start questioning if it is really yours.  In my research I came upon a great blog.  Instead of cutting and pasting key points I invite you to click on the link I am providing and check it out!  She lists the differences in some really interesting ways.  I found it helpful in my understanding.  I also understand that my interpretation may be different from yours so please check it out.

Alphafemale 2000 Solara


I hope this makes some sense.  The main thing is to remember to be gentle on yourself, and appreciate what you have to offer the world.  We are all in some stage of growth and expansion, but none of us are necessarily going at the same pace.   I hope you enjoyed my brief overview offour of the clairs.  I am looking forward to what I am prompted to write next!  Have a great weekend.



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