Do you See what I Hear? Part 2


In a earlier blog I discussed the term Clairaudiance and the misconceptions or expectations we have of “how” one hears. In the blog I wrote how important it is that we stop comparing or judging ourselves on someone else’s experience.  This concept carries through with each one of the Clair’s.

Part 2 Clairvoyance

The word Clairvoyance often ends up being a catch-all word for all the clairs.  It seems to be accepted as a more softer description of ones psychic abilities.

Wikipedia’s description of Clairvoyance:

The term clairvoyance (from French clair meaning “clear” and voyance meaning “vision”) is used to refer to the ability to gain information about an object, person, location or physical event through means other than the known human senses, i.e., a form of extra-sensory perception. A person said to have the ability of clairvoyance is referred to as a clairvoyant (“one who sees clearly”).

I actually think it is a pretty good description.  The real discussion starts when we talk about what is a vision.

Does that mean I have to actually see pictures?

Yes and no.   Like Clairaudiance how you see will be unique to you.  I know for the longest time I would be in a class (practicing our reading skills) and feel inadequate or that I was not a “real” psychic, just because I didn’t seem to see the same as everyone.   My experience, does not have to be yours.

We are all dazzled and blown away by the people that can just close their eyes or go into a trance like state and describe in the utmost detail a vision. A vision that appears to them like a movie.  You know…close your eyes and in the darkness that appears behind your eyelids a scene just plays out as clear as day!  I compared myself to this type of vision for years….still at times when I am doubting what I see I know it is this little piece of self judgement that is showing its ugly head.

Visions are tricky.  We all have visions… each and every one of us dream.  When you are dreaming you recall pictures, actions, sounds and sometimes even smells… it is a vision.  But how would you describe your way of seeing these objects, where are they appearing?  In your mind’s eye?  Sometime this is what we compare our Clairvoyant visions to, and that is unfair.  When we are asleep we are in an altered state of consciousness.  We are able to be uninterrupted by our conscious mind in how we allow ourselves to see things, or how we receive messages.  *Dreams themself are a whole separate discussion in relation to clairvoyance.  Which we will save for a later topic.  Still, it is what we compare or visions to, and that is just unfair.

Some people when doing a reading (or working on their own exploration) will see…

  • a single image of something
  • A picture
  • A word
  • Or a scene
  • Or a scenery

Where it goes from there is endless.  They can start with something that seems to make no sense to them one minute and have it morph into a feeling the next that plays out a story.  SO….which are they Clairvoyant or Clairsentient (to sense feelings or emotions)?  That is where it gets difficult for me to really begin to categorize.

I strongly believe we all have these abilities, some of us have just not tapped into them or allowed them to surface.  Many of us have a primary Clair that is our strongest.  For the most part we use them all at all times, just at different levels or degrees.

The following is my experience with visions or seeing (mind you it may not be yours).  Every time I am looking within to see what I can see I start by going into my center of head.  Once here I ask for things to unfold… sometimes I will use a reading screen (What I picture as a movie screen).  In the beginning i would spend far too much time trying to force an image or something to “appear” on the screen…only to become frustrated.  Once I stopped trying to force something to appear on the “screen” and let it just appear my reading life became that much easier.

I go into my center of head and begin to place my attention and intention on what it is I want to look at.  Sometimes things just stay black, sometimes a picture or a word will pop up.  This used to disappoint me, I mean come on, I wanted a vision!  Now, when this happens, I look at what has popped in and if nothing more comes…I start speaking to what I see.  What I mean by this is… I will start to describe what it is, and as soon as I start to talk about what I am seeing the message starts to flood in.  In the form of words, thoughts and emotions that then lead to pictures or a scene.  A scene that begins to play out in my mind’s eye as clear as a dream (while my eyes are open).  The more I speak to it the more it plays out, until there is nothing more to describe.

Words and feelings can create great images in our head.  Think about reading a really good book…where they are describing to you (in mere words only) a place or a person.  Then they make that book a movie.  One of the things that let most of us down is that the movie seldom matches the images that we created in our minds… images that seemed as though you could really see them…  I hope you get what I am trying to say.  We need all our clairs to extract our visions at times.  If Clairvoyance (Clear Seeing) is not your primary clair…don’t disregard it, work with it,  excercise that clair, develop it.  Some are naturally born with visions, vision tha appear clear as day.  They tell us a story from the past, present or our future. Just because yours don’t appear that way, doesn’t mean that you don’t have visions or the ability, just means that how they appear are different and involve more of your senses.

My description is just my experience, what I have learned to be true for me.  i am comfortable with my seeing…my visions…my clairvoyance now, because I have allowed myself the permission to appreciate that I am different.  I have stopped forcing the vision to fit my expectation of what it should look like and how it should come.  I urge you to play around with it yourself.  There are many exercises our there that will help you to strengthen this Clair as well give you the confidence to start speaking to what you see with out judgement.

Play around with this.  Write down how you think you see.  Actually start with writing your definition of what it means to see… that in of itself could prove very interesting.

Here ends part 2, look for part 3 in the next few days!


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