Claircognizance~ The New Normal ~ Part 3

Painting by Erin Mihalchick


Sorry for the delay in the continuation of the Clairs.  Like many people my sleep patterns seem to be all messed up right now.  My dreams have been quite intense and my awake life has been just as chaotic.   I recently recorded a show with my radio partner Michelle DesPres where we discussing the process of  “Resetting”.   It will be airing soon on PLV radio, keep an eye out for it!  We talk about how we are all being affected by some sort of  “reset” in all areas of our life. 

But enough of that, let’s talk about that wonderful feeling of “knowing” something. 


Part 3 Claircognizance

When we hear the word Psychic, we typically conjure up the image of grandiose visions and angelic voices booming in our heads… well…that is not the “norm”.  I can’t help but laugh at that statement… “that is not the norm”.  Who thought I would be discussing topics of psychic behavior and equating it to what is normal?  Well, that is what is wonderfully unique about where we are collectively in regards to our universal acceptance of the new normal.

The new normal… I like the sound of that.  I will have to file that away for a later blog.  ANY WAY… On to Claircognizance.  What is it? 


the ability for a person to acquire psychic knowledge without knowing how or why he or she knew it.

Have you ever just known something?  Known it to be true but not know where the information came from?  Claircognizance is not as well known as the other clairs and it really is one that is so very common!  So many of us have had experiences that we brush off and don’t see as a psychic experience.  So who is Claircognizant?  Here are a few questions to help determine if you are. 

Have you ever had a strong sense of inner knowing that you should not do something, even when all the physical evidence says you should? 

Have you ever felt someone was lying to you when you had no reason to doubt them?

Have you felt so sure about the outcome of something that you just knew it was going to be a success?

Were you called a know it all as a child, knowing the answer to things that you shouldn’t have known yet?

Have you received information about something or known the answer to a question and no idea how you received it?

Felt at a gut level something was not a good idea, yet could not logically explain why?

These are some examples of Clear Knowing…Claircognizance.  I will be honest…I used to doubt mine all the time.  I still will sometimes catch myself doubting and then being surprised when the information ends up being correct.  It is silly but part of the problem is that we are programmed…raised…and taught to doubt our own personal knowing… it is a shame.  It also takes a conscious effort to switch our thinking and turn off our inner blocks.

For as much as I doubt my knowing, I have also counted on it.  I realized at an early age that the more passionate I became about something…information would just pop into my head or thoughts.  I would catch myself saying something only (as the words are slipping out of my mouth) to say to myself…where did that come from.  I would be surprised at what I was saying!  Most of the time this worked in my favor, however…there were many times when my thoughts or the information I was receiving (no matter how truthful) were not appropriate for the moment.  I there by became familiar with the phrase:

Think before you speak

Learning to control my knowing /thought to speech process  is a constant work in progress.  But for all the Think before I spoke moments, there were many blessed moments of true appreciation!  I recall standing before a class presenting a speech or presentation and having information that was no where in my notes start to flow out of my mouth. Facts and statements that were no where in my research that were just ….given to me in a time of need.  It is as if  information was downloaded for me at that specific moment.  The first few times this happened I was really caught off guard, I felt confused and unsettled.  The more the information would just appear for me the more I found myself  trusting that it would be there, and the more it happened.   This was my first experience with Clear Knowing.

Remember…it may happen to you in a completely different way, then it happens for me.   Intuition really is just another term for clear knowing… it is a nudge  to help us or point us in the right direction.  

How do you tell if the information you are receiving is “Knowing”  or our own personal inner dialogue.  We all have that inner chatter that is going on in our heads.  The difference between the two is easy to separate and very difficult at the same time!  Sorry… just the way it is.   Until you can really learn to trust in divine guidance and turn off the negative ego chatter it will remain slightly convoluted.

Try this…  Stop everything…right this moment. 
What happened when you did that?  What were your thoughts? Yes… you are in the middle of reading this…but what else is going on in your head?  When you take a moment and just halt all reading and all activity…what thoughts linger or trail off…what do you hear echoing off in your sub thoughts?  Are you dismissing Clear knowing or telling yourself that you should not believe all that you hear or you should not trust your thoughts?  Now I am not saying what you are hearing or thinking is either right or wrong…I am saying is we are alway multitasking and one of the biggest task we are always at is self chatter. We are never doing just one thing.  We are awake and breathing, our heart is beating we experts at multitasking.  Unfortunately being an expert allows us to run an inner dialogue with ourselves that 99.9% of the time we are completely (consciously) unaware of.

When we can learn to be more aware of our inner chatter and start to turn off the negative messages we will begin to hear our inner knowing and intuition clearer.  That inner self chatter has a tendency to be negative and or ego based.  It is also always centered around how we are affected by the topic we are currently focused on.  

Intuition or Claircognanze will usually pop up out of the blue (most of the time completely unrelated to current activity) and it is usually not centered around how you will look, feel, or be represented. You are not the center of the focus of this type of knowing or chatter.  You may be a big part of it but if will not be success or failure based statements.  They often instill faith and trust.  They are given to us with the purest of intentions.  We can confuse them when they are in our favor  of being real messages, because we are used to dismissing things with the self chatter.  The self chatter is often put into place to sabotage our growth based off of a fear. 

Are you starting to understand why I believe all of us are psychic?  Are you ready to start erasing the the pictures that have been painted of what it means or looks like to be psychic?  They are so out dated!  Not only that…they were created out of fear, to keep us from being self empowered.  When really we have all been all power.  We are such AMAZING creatures…

Little by little I hope to chip away at that inner chatter (of doubt and fear) and replace it with love acceptance and awe of ones self! 

I hope you will find some time to play around with your inner knowing.  Think about all those times when you just… knew!  The next part (Part 4) will be on Clairsentience! 


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