Do you See what I Hear?


Have you ever said: “I am not psychic or I don’t “hear” messages the voice I hear in my head is my own.” or “I don’t have visions” Does this sound familiar?

Guess what…I have said those things too.  Believe it or not but the majority of people that have tapped into their psychic abilities have at one time, said those exact things. I spent so many years wishing that I could be like Samantha from Bewitched…or Jeannie from I dream of Jeanie  that I failed to notice that in many ways I was already like them.  Granted, I could not (and cannot) twitch my nose, blink my eyes or point my finger and make things move, disappear or appear.   I could communicate with the trees, animals and at times even the crossed over.  When I was a child my imagination was fully active and allowed me to have many different adventures as well as took me to many different realms.  I always knew I was different.  I just did not understand why others couldn’t see the possibilities or had to make things so difficult.  I longed to replicate the magic I found on TV.  What seemed like fantasy or pretend to others seemed to make such sense to me.  Even though my imagination was so active and awake I spent much of my time feeling  frustrated and alone.  I was ignoring the gifts that were right in front of my face.   Gifts like knowing things, feeling things, seeing things that others would dismiss.  Instead of embracing them I spent too much time wishing to be like someone else, to fit in and feel “normal”.

I think that so many of us get stuck on what we have been told things are to look like, or what is normal and what is not, that we are not allowed to be who we really are for fear of not fitting in.  Thankfully we have been able to be exposed to creative possibilities via Hollywood for example.  I am grateful for people who have put themselves out there,  for I feel it has helped us to imagine what we once knew was possible by providing a creative outlet to let our imaginations come to life on screen! At the same time , it has in a sense  limited some of us, in the ways of those possibilities by putting such descriptors upon them.   But at least it is a start.

I know deep with in my heart, part of my purpose here, is to help others wake up.  Help them wake up to all that they can be, to all that is possible.  Possibilities which I believe to be endless.

First things first

We must remove expectation of what something is “supposed” to look like.

Just for a moment… try this… at the end of this sentence, stop reading and give yourself permission .  Permission to release expectations.  So often it can be that simple.  We rarely give ourselves permission to think for ourselves or outside the norm.

Stop comparing or judging

Stop comparing or judging ourselves on someone else’s experience. You see…it is just that…their experience, not ours. We are all physically unique.  Why then can we not accept how unique we are on a complete cellular level?  Doesn’t the mere fact that no two of us are identical (even identical twins are proven to have some type of difference)…think about it, not a single one of us will have the same exact experience? Some of us may have very similar experiences…this is very true, but not exact.

Which opens up the possibility of all our abilities being valid and true, even if they don’t fit a pre-existing mold.

I recently was on a radio show of a good friend of mine; Debra Antich of  The Traveling Psychic Supper Club. We discussed what our Psychic Combo meal was. Before the show I was confused by what our topic was going to be so I did some research and checked out her website, and looked up her blog on The Psychic Combo meal. After I read it, it  made total sense.  Her point was to take a look at how different we all are and how we all customize our abilities. What may be the burger in your meal may be the fries in mine, or even the drink.  It’s about accepting that no matter how alike we all are we are still different.  Those difference are made up of our experiences on so many levels.   If you have a chance check it our I have the link above, or listen to show (link is in the side bar).

How we receive messages

I really want to touch on the topic of  how we receive messages.  This is a big topic so for the sake of time and comprehension I will break this blog up into 4 Parts.  So often we have specific ideas on what this is supposed to look like.  So specific that we can often dismiss our own messages.  I have had many people say that they are not psychic because it doesn’t look or happen a certain way.  That just blows my mind!

Part 1- Clairaudiance

The ability to hear, otherwise known as Clairaudiance. Is a very common yet over looked means of communication.  I found a really simple definition of Clairaudiance on the internet.  You can google it and find many different dictionaries that will offer their definition of the word.


clair·au·di·ence  .

The supposed power to hear things outside the range of normal perception

It is so important to remember that each one of us will see, hear and sense things that are in such ways unique only to us. For example when I hear something, I hear a word or phrase only not a long complete message (not as of yet at least) and it is in my own voice. It does not (for me) come in as someone else or with fancy background music booming with authority, or a choir of angels in the background.  Nope…just me.  Just my voice, as I know it in my head.  This can be confusing at first. 

So then you might be asking….how do you know if it is a “message” and not just your own thoughts?  When I am asked that question my first reaction is well…aren’t your thoughts important?  or Why did that thought come to your head…RIGHT..that very minute and not at a better time?   Why out of the blue right there and then?  One of the the easiest ways for spirit to communicate with us is through ourselves.  Messages that come as nudges from our higher self.  Those very same messages are the ones we ignore the most, and why is that?  I think it is because they are so gentle that we feel we are maybe justifying a situation or we are just thinking about it.  And we still don’t take it seriously because often it is because we do not trust ourselves, we have given the authority of knowing over to someone other than ourselves… we self-doubt.

This is where our favorite word and hardest lesson “trust” comes into play.

We need to really dig deep and trust that you are receiving a message.  Allow yourself to be open to the ways you receive.  Break down the message you feel you are getting, hearing in your head.  Listen to yourself.  This does not mean you need to act upon everything or anything you hear.  But do…take a moment and listen, ask yourself questions.  Meditate and listen to what comes into your head and write it down.

For me when the message comes in the form of me hearing it… I can usually tell when it is not just me thinking on a subject because it is usually not attached to my current train of thought. It can feel detached and very random, yet clear…and focused. The more I ignore the more persistent it can become.  When I have practiced hearing in meditation, I will often ask a question or set an intention for the meditation.  I write something down that i want further insight on and then meditate as normal.  After my meditation I pay attention to the sounds that come into my head and write them down.  This is a fun exercise which takes practice, think of it as exercising your psychic hearing muscle.  🙂

I think I have given you some things to think about…I hope you enjoyed the first part.  Look for part 2 soon!  


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