The Beauty of the Vulture


turkey-vulture-in-flight-james-hammenAs I was on my way to an event Sunday, I was escorted by a flock (otherwise known as a kettle) of turkey vultures.  The first group I spotted was flying high  above my van as I drove down the road…just circling.  I counted them (5) thought it was really cool, but continued driving on.  About a mile down the road I spotted about 6 more soaring high, then…yes…I then saw more.  At this point I could not safely count the vultures in the sky, I did get the confirmation that they were, in fact turkey vultures when one of them dove down towards my van…crossed the lanes in front of me and flew above me (with me) along the road till I got to my turn off.

I knew I was receiving a gift, a message actually.

You see, I was on my way to a holistic fair in town to speak on the current cycle of time (fall) and what was in store for us this season.  When I had left my house I had asked for guidance. I was looking for additional insight.  I already knew I was going to speak about the importance of the squirrel, but felt that there was more.  And I was right…the vulture.

The turkey vulture is an amazing creature!  So often misunderstood, as a dirty scavenger of death and rot. When in all actuality he represents the opposite. I have feelings of such love and admiration of the turkey vulture.  I see them as space keepers of the earth.  They clear the earth of debris and disease.  I read that even their feces are disease free… they leave no waste behind.  Another interesting fact I learned about the turkey vulture is that they have no voice box.  They have no song…they grunt or hiss in times of defence and stress, actually their defense mechanism is to regurgitate all over themselves to ward off predators.  There is no ego with the turkey vulture.  It you watch them in mid flight they are magestic…but take off proves quit challenging and cumbersome for this large bird.  They struggle awkwardly to get off the ground, yet once in the air it is an absolutely amazing sight to watch. 

I found the following excerpt very interesting from a blog I came upon called Seeing Miracles Every Day I think it is a beautiful description of what the turkey vulture represents.

“The turkey vulture is symbolic of soulful cleansing, reaching a higher spiritual place…overcoming obstacles that we may encounter when trying to fly, but then soaring like an eagle when we get off the ground…cleansing the world bit by bit, day by day, by offering ourselves in service…being peaceful and non-aggressive, defending ourselves from attack, but only in ways that do not harm others. “

 What message did I take with me to the fair from this experience?  I knew that they represented a universal message for all of us this season….  The need to be cleansing.  To be focusing on letting things go that no longer serve you into the new tomorrow.  I really do believe the vulture pairs nicely with the squirrel.  The squirrel right now is about not necessarily storing away all that you have collected but actually gathering up all that you have collected this year, and the vulture is about releasing what is not needed.  The vulture is about getting rid of the debris that our experiences have left behind, cleaning up the space.  A purification of sorts.  It is more than ourselves, it is about the collective.  It is about the earth.  It is clean up time.  A time to review and get rid of the things that are not working.  We need to be flexible and kind.  We need to do this in a non threatening way.  Like the quote from the blog above….

“cleansing the world bit by bit, day by day, by offering ourselves in service…being peaceful and non-aggressive, defending ourselves from attack, but only in ways that do not harm others. “

This is something I believe we all want at heart. The trick, is starting within and then working in an outward circle.  Affecting all that you come into contact with. 

We would create a giant ripple effect… Water-Ripple-17




Peace is obtainable…everywhere.  I know it with all my soul. 


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