The unexpected visitor

Like many of you, I am on the path to enlightenment.  I have learned many lessons along the way that have enlightened me to the many possibilities available to us, which has allowed me to no longer walk blindly along the way.  Yet, even though my path is now more illuminated than before, I am still surprised at the messages I receive. 

Today, on my way home from our monthly “ask the oracles” event I was seeking some personal guidance, some answers to questions that I have.  Whenever I do this I cannot help but look up…look to the sky, the clouds and the mountains for answers…guidance.  I am so blessed to live in the area I do, the beauty that surrounds me is indescribable. 


The clouds were particularly intriguing this evening, so much that I actually had to pull over and snap some pictures.  The thing is, as beautiful as the sky and the mountains were that evening,  I still did not feel I was receiving any divine messages (again we need to remember when we ask for guidance allow the answer or message to come the way it wants to…not the way we think it should come).  I ended up getting lost in the beauty of the evening and really forgot all about the answers I was earlier seeking.

The Divine however had not forgotten about me.  As I pulled up to my house I opened my garage door. As I was getting ready to pull into the garage I noticed this small dark object right dead center in the middle of my spot (where I would drive into the garage).  At first I did not know what to think… I thought it was some garbage or leaf.  As I got closer I noticed it was a small bird, just sitting there.  I sat there…waiting for it to fly away.  I realized that if it had not flown away yet, something must be wrong with it.  I put the van in park and got out (again expecting it to startle and fly off).  There he sat, now just looking up at me.  


You can only imaging how confused I was.  Not only was he sooo tiny, he was just calmly sitting there…waiting for me to go about my business.  I got back into my van put it in reverse and parked on the other side of the garage. 

 I then proceeded to sit on the floor of my garage and talk to this little guy.  As I talked he looked at me…occasionally looking away.  I wanted to pick him up…to see if his wing was broke, but I also didn’t really want to disturb him or cause him too much distress, so…there we sat together.  I got up the courage to touch him… he let me.  I then thought, I need to move him.  Where he was sitting was bound to get him run over once my daughter got home.  I went to pick him up and he started to hop and flutter his wings (which seemed in perfect order).  That wasn’t going to work, so I got a piece of cardboard and let him hope on that and moved him under a tree next to my garage.  Needless to say he hoped back to where he was and we went around like this a few times.  I sensed he needed something, but did not know what so I performed some Reiki on him, figuring that whatever healing  he needed the Reiki would provide it for him.  while I was doing this he would flutter his wings and look at me.  Soon I stopped and realized that I needed to give him his space.  I left him outside and posted his picture. 

Someone saw his picture and told me he was a fledgling Mockingbird.  That what he was doing was perfectly normal and that they learn to hunt for food on the ground before they learn to fly.  She also told me that the mother bird would be near by to feed him. I felt so relieved and left him to his lessons.  Realizing that I had probably received my answer to my earlier question/s to spirit… I decided to do my research and find out the symbolic meaning of the Mocking Bird.  I had already had some ideas of my own but when we are dealing with ourselves…well it seems that we have a really hard time seeing the message for what it is. 

As I plugged mocking-bird into my laptop (google search) only one site came up.  This in itself is really odd for me…usually I have to filter through till I find something that really resonates with me.  So, chuckling, I thought ok…making it easy for me are you?   I clicked on it and this is the first thing I read :   Mockingbird, Power Animal, Symbol of Overcoming Fear. 

You have no idea how much this hit home for me.  I wanted to give you only an excerpt of what I found, but… I could not decide where to start or end.  I am including the piece.  The site I found is called Shamanic Journey check it out.  Here is what I found.

Mockingbird, Power Animal, Symbol of Overcoming Fear

By Ina Woolcott

Mockingbird’s gifts include finding your sacred song, recognizing your innate abilities, using knowledge gained on the outside to heal the inside, learning through experience, curiosity, attitude, territoriality, overcoming fear, intelligence, power of song, confidence, master imitator.

The Northern mockingbird is around 10 inches long with a long tail that twitches vigorously when excited. Their long legs are perfect for looking through dead leaves and undergrowth for insects. Their dull grey colour certainly doesn’t grab ones attention, however, their various calls definitely do! The mockingbird is well known for its ability to copy the calls of other birds – and even cats and dogs – they are master imitators. The mockingbirds song is a combination of the calls of many other birds. Usually they repeat an imitation a few times before going onto other songs in quick succession. They have up to 30 songs in their repertory. Mockingbird is Latin for ‘many tongued mimic’. This is one of the few birds who sing whilst flying.

Mockingbird teaches many things – the power of song and voice is one. It can assist in learning new languages easily and to speak them fluently. People with this power animal often make excellent spokespersons and interpreters. They also help you find your ’sacred song’, your life’s purpose and inner talents. You will be given the strength to act on these fearlessly. Never forget that your inner song is always there, it can’t be lost. If you miss one opportunity, another will always appear and that is just how it is meant to be or it wouldn’t have happened! You should ask for assistance in connecting with your personal sound frequency, for then healing will take place on all levels.

Mockingbird people are more known for their talents than how they look. Appearances are not important to people with this power animal. They are heard before they are seen – if they are seen at all. The mockingbird helps you to leave people and events that hurt you behind by seeing who and what they REALLY are. Everything in life is a lesson to help you grow, and even if you were hurt, this is but another lesson to learn and grow. Everything that happened to us in the past builds our character and who we are today. You will hear the true song of others and will follow your own path. Take what you can from a situation but always in a respectful and un-spiteful way. What goes around comes around. We are all here to learn from each other. Apply your creative imagination and intuition to all you do and you will live a life of harmony. On a subtle level, mockingbird shows us how to imitate ourselves, what we imitate reflects back to us and helps us see who we truly are. This can be a powerful transformational experience.

The fearless mockingbird defend their nests and territory, diving at and attacking predators and those who come too close. They teach us to develop self-confidence, to speak our truth and stand up for what is ours by right.

I received the answers I was looking for.  What I do with it… is now up to me.  That is the beauty of guidance.  When we are able to receive the messages and see the gifts we are given, we are then able to process the information.  Often we are able to see things from a different perspective. The purpose of this story was to remind you to pay attention.  Allow yourself to see the gifts that are being presented to you. And to remember that the answers we seek don’t always come to us in written form or a voice booming in your ear. They are usually quite unexpected.


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