So you see the signs…now what?


Good question right?

I have to laugh because I have been asking as well…for signs, for guidance, for help in making the right decisions in my own life.   In many of my posts I have beat around the bush and spoke metaphorically over and over again.  I have written about the importance of being open to see the signs and messages we are given from spirit.  I have encouraged you (as well as myself) along the way to being open in how the answers or message may appear. But then what?  Is there a magical formula for processing the information we get?

Sadly there is no magical…one size fits all formula.  except of course honest reflection.  How you process and reflect is going to be what works for you.  So often with many standardized religions or structures of thought we are told that to do this or be that you must “do” this.  I believe this to be absolutely UNTRUE.  No matter the process, what you need to do is what feels right to you.

We have lost sight in trusting our inner voice…to find that voice again (or to just turn up its volume) there are some simple steps I can give you or outline for you that….may work.  They are intended to help you get in-tune with self again, not be…the end all be all only way.

Why we are so eager to look to others to tell us the right and the wrong way to listen to  ourselves is a mystery to me.  When and why did doubting ourselves become the first reaction to self-reflection?  We have become so conditioned to following a structure that is not ours that we fail to take our own steps. The steps we take that are designed for us or that make sense to who we are, are the only ones that will get us on the right path.

Now… I don’t want anyone to think that I am not an advocate for seeking help or counsel, I am! Sometimes it can be the step that helps us the most. It can awaken us to the possibilities that we have not been able to see. So often we can get so lost in our thought process that we have a hard time seeing past the barriers we have built before us.

What I am saying however; is don’t forget to listen to what feels right for you and caution following someone that tells you that a way is the ONLY way.

We all need outside advice at times in our life.  It is difficult to be neutral or objective when we are looking at personal issues.  Being able to get a different perspective can change the WHOLE view of a situation.  When we are so close to it our perspective is skewed, we can only see that which is right in front of us…not the landscape that surrounds the situation.

Clairvoyants (psychics, mediums…etc) are people too.  Sometimes we can struggle within our own situations.  Seeing the signs becomes easy, it is being able to read the meaning and messages correctly for ourselves that can be challenging.  For me, I know that quitting my job is what I need to do.  It is part of the transition I need to embrace.  It is the door I must close behind me that will allow me to propel forward into the unknown possibilities that await for me.  Still…I stand here, occasionally soaring above my situation  circling like a vulture…waiting…waiting…waiting for me to take the steps, and shut the door.   For some reason I am unable to move.  Something is holding me back, holding me in place…is it fear or reason?  So…if you are standing like I am, on a precipice of change, and unable to move, read on.

Practice with me a process of looking within that I have put together.

  • Find a moment to give to yourself…be generous.  Allow yourself 30 minutes of uninterrupted time.
  • Sit comfortably.  Imagine yourself connected to earth and spirit.
  • Take a deep breath in and give yourself permission to release everything in your energy field.  People, responsibilities, lists, expectations…you name it.
  • Once emptied, sit within your sovereignty.
  • Now go to the center of your head and image a room full of doors.  Behind each door is a path of choices.  Whatever you are having a hard time deciding on label a door.  Label each door a different choice.
  • With expectations released open one door at a time.  Look at the situation from a higher point of view a…detached perspective.
  • Open your eyes after each door experience and write down what you saw differently.
  • Thank your higher self for presenting you with this view.
  • Call back all your energy, renewed and refreshed into a giant golden sun above your head.  Call in clarity and confidence and anything else you feel you may need. Once filled and expanded…pop it and let it all drain back into your body.  Let it fill you head to toe.
  • Now just step away from it.  Leave the paper and notes you took behind.  Just allow… the experience just seep in.  You can read what you wrote another time…maybe give yourself a full nights rest and then read what you wrote.

You may come out of this with a better perspective immediately or you may have to repeat the process.  Either way you are peeling back the layers of what is possibly yours or expectations of others.  You also may start to recognize what is a rational and an irrational fear in regards to the direction you are contemplating.

The signs and messages we receive are unique to each one of us.  Taking the time to sit with them in a quiet relaxed space is all that is usually needed to decipher their meaning.  Many times the simple process of writing down what you saw…or heard…etc, and what it meant to you,  what emotions were conjured up is all that is needed.  Write these things down take some time to clear your mind and then revisit them.  You may find the answer to what you have been looking for right there…in your notes.  🙂  It is worth a try, right?

Practice patience and allow yourself the time needed to process whatever it is you need to process.





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