To find your balance, throw out the scale…


One of the things I have worked on this summer has been trying to understand what it means to “be” balanced.  Well… actually first I am having to realize what it means to “allow” myself to find balance into my life.

It has proven to be somewhat of a challenge, especially when I try to carry out what I have learned.

It seems that when I find a lot of resistance to change or growth, the more necessary it is.  When this happens I have begun to recognize that the messages I receive are not only for me, but the collective.

I have a tendency to be that all or nothing person. Even when I think (in my mind) I am balancing something…either giving more or less than normal.  What I end up finding out later however; is that I really haven’t.  What I may have seen as balance really ends up being that minute margin I have already allowed for.  Balance is tricky.  I have spent a lot of my free time lately trying to figure out just why that is, and as with everything else it comes back to the lessons we are here to learn.

For me when I think I am expanding beyond what is normal for me I am always surprised to hear (usually my husband or someone I love) that it wasn’t noticeable, or was seen as being too apathetic. It can be frustrating…and I will sometimes find myself becoming argumentative…or defensive.  Saying things like but didn’t you notice….blank.  The point here is that when we start trying to make these changes and we become aware of our lack of balance…or how out of balance we may have become, it is easy to first become defensive. the growth comes in getting past that defensive line.  It is not easy… but the end result will help us have that much more peace in our life.

The more I look at balance (or the lack of) the more I believe it to be a form of protection and ultimately control. A way to not actually have to… “be”.  When we either throw ourselves completely into something or avoid it all together, all we are doing is creating an excuse. Without balance of some form (the give and take of the activity or emotions) we have something to blame when it either fails or does not live up to our expectations.  I think that many of us do this as by means of auto pilot actually.  I feel it is a subconsciously learned behavior.

The more I analyze balance for me the more the word “accountability” comes up. I seem to equate the lack of balance to a process of distancing ourselves from being accountable.  To be balanced means to live in the moment, to live in the moment means being accountable for our life and our actions.  Depending on where and how we are unbalanced we can find clues about where we are living from, the past or the future.  Most often I feel it is from the past.

As I am typing this out I am getting a rather insistent message from my guide Peter. I rarely share my guides names with others or that they urge me to share certain things.  Peter is one of my healing guides (one of the first ones I ever met).  He is a Shepard and helps me with healing emotions.  He asks that I share this with you:

Balance does not mean literally.  You are not meant to strive for that still point on a scale Scale_of_justice_2_new.jpeg or the moment of intense concentration on the center of a balance beam.  No…what you are being asked to aim for (if you need an image) is that of the tightrope walker. If you watch him you will see that he finds precision and balance in being able to adjust to the wind, the slight sway of the rope.  He allows his body to find a rhythm… an ebb and flow.  Even the earth beneath your feet right now is highly unstable; it too is trying to find balance.  It is shifting and adjusting to the new dynamics of the energetic changes, the atmosphere and the collective vibration that has definitely been raised. Balance is an essential ingredient in your growth, without it you will only be moving in place. It is like you are walking on a treadmill and eventually the motor will just burn out and you will be left where you started.  Even though as your guides we know that you can do this…and that it is so much easier than you allow yourselves to imagine, we know that it is in your nature to doubt, even though we do not always understand why you are so comfortable doing this.  We want you to know that we are always here for you.  All you need to do is ask us for help, guidance, assistance, and we will be at your side we will be your safety net.  Trust us and you will know what it is like to “be” at peace.


Love, light and blessings ~Peter


There you have it in a nutshell.  Maybe take some time and look at where you are balanced or unbalanced in your life right now.  How do you do this you ask?  If when you look within you cannot see where you are balanced…or unbalanced…meditate on it. Ask yourself where you are afraid of accountability in your life.

I have a class I am going to be putting on-line soon that has some exercises that you can do to get an image of just how balance we are… look for it soon.  In the mean time…call on your guides for assistance, all you have to do is ask for their help.   Allow yourself the time to sit in contemplation, even if it is just for a few minutes.

Have a great Weekend!





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