Sometimes we need to step out of our own way, and allow…

20130711_130207 (1)I have been working on stepping away from my routine.  I have tried everyday to go outside the box of what I allow my normal day be.

I have received messages and answers to my questions left and right lately…and yet I still have felt confused and contemplative.  My own words echo in my head with messages I have given to countless others and I am gently reminded to listen.

“Mercury is in retrograde right now…be patient with yourself and others”.

“This is a time of change and expansion.”

” What you decide today may not be your same decision tomorrow.”

“Take this time to look within and allow a new normal to unfold”

Patient?  Be patient?  I take a deep breath and sigh.  I have definitely been learning the benefit of patience lately.  I can do this.  We can all do this.  Mercury is retrograde until the 20th, take the opportunity to stall and contemplate things in your life right now.  Allow room for growth and change. Remember to breath.  Your breath is essential in order for expansion to seep in.  Each breath opens us up…it expands our lungs and allows more air to come in.  More room for newness…new… fresh… sustainable air.

Like all of us I have sought guidance.  Sometimes we can get so in our “way” that we don’t allow the process to actually sink in or process.  We need to step out-of-the-way.

I had a reading today with a fellow peer of mine and was given some beautiful information.  Information  that once spoken…I recognized I already had.  I just needed to be unguarded and allow myself to hear it.  Something I was told today feels too important to be just for me.  I know it is for all of you as well. I was told to:

“take a couple of minutes a day… and breath… and in that moment of expansion (inhalation) know that my (your) life is in divine order.  Just…Trust.

Trust that it is, and its bigger than you can imagine”


We need to be remembering that wherever we are on our paths right now is…exactly where we are suppose to be.  Once you are able to become aware of that…the challenge comes with accepting.  Accepting that you are where you suppose to be.

Sometimes we need to step out of our own way , and allow a different direction to show itself along our path. To practice this…One day last week, I allowed myself to be guided at lunch. I often pick up my lunch and go to the park.  Doing this allows me to reconnect with my thoughts..with myself in the middle of a busy work day.  However that even this process has gotten a little too routine for me.

20130711_130653To spice things up (that day) I decided at every intersection, I would go the other way.  I kept seeing flashes of myself standing in water.  I ended up taking a lovely walk along a lake.  With me on my walk were two dragon flies.  They had beautiful black and white stripped wings.  I was guided to follow them. They led me off the main trail onto  a dirt path where I found a beautiful tree that invited me to sit for a while.20130711_125739  It was a very hot day, but this path was so shaded that it was surprisingly pleasant.  I was able to really reconnect with nature and receive some beautiful messages and reminders from spirit.

I was reminded at how beautiful the unexpected can be.  That sometimes the best thing we can do is allow ourselves to listen within and follow the direction in which are heart guides us.

I would like to help you work on embracing the ability of “allowing”.  Because by creating a space of allowing, you invite magic into your life.  Allowing,  helps us to remove expectation. By removing expectation we are able to invite all that can be… to come into our lives, not just what we expect.   Instead of just telling you to do this, I would like to offer you a challenge or exercise of sorts.


For the next 7 days (Between 13 and the 20th (when Mercury goes direct)) do the opposite of what you would normally do.  Keep track of your experiences each day.  Keep a journal, journal your experience every day.  Then at the end of the week review and reflect on what you find.

Day 1
Do ONE thing different then you normally would today.  Could be something small.  As many know changing up our routine can be disturbing and cause us some anxiety. That is why I want to start small.

This could be as simple as:

  • Taking a different route to the store or a destination
  • Getting your mail at a different time
  • Changing up your morning or bedtime routine
  • Eat breakfast for dinner
  • Allow yourself to let your chores fall by the wayside for the day.
  • Go to a different gas station
  • Go left instead of right
  • Take a different way to work
  • Go to a new coffee shop or lunch location

These are just ideas to get you thinking about what you could do different.  I am sure you will come up with something that works in your life and is more relevant to you and your normal activities.

Day 2

Incorporate 2 changes in your day.  Write down what you experienced with these changes. Did you encounter new people? Did you notice your mind wandering? How did you feel?

Day 3

Throughout your day dry and incorporate 3 changes into your day.  Remember to write down the changes you made as well as the effects if any that you noticed.

Day 4

Incorporate 4 changes today… Are they becoming easier?  What are you noticing?  Are you running out of ideas of what to do differently?

Day 5

If you normally set aside time to meditate give yourself 5 extra minutes…or if that is not possible change locations, listen to different music.  If you do not meditate, try sitting for 5 minutes quietly and let what ever comes to mind float in and out.  Don’t try to force silence or relaxation.  Just allow it to be whatever it is to be. Remember to write down you days experiences and what it was you did different or added.

Day 6

Try doing your hair different, or wearing something you haven’t wore in a while. Review your entries form earlier in the week. Pause before making any decisions…even if you are at work.  If you normally decide quickly…pause, allow the idea or question to sink in, before you give your response or answer.  Practice this all day.

Day 7 

Today sit back and let your day unfold.  Take notice at the natural changes that unfold through out your day.  Do you feel more open to alternatives? How did the experience feel? This was really a small…example of learning or welcoming ways of allowing into out lives.

Hopefully this exercise opened you up to seeing something different within yourself, as well as help you allow more into your life.

I hope you have many beautiful surprises in your life this week.


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