Learning to be the pioneers of our own lives…



When you think of pioneer…what do you think of?  what images start to come to mind?  Do you think of the wild west?  With groups of settlers looking for the new land…better land…a better life?

That is what has come to my mind lately.  I know it has a lot to do with the fact that I have traveled (on the back of our motorcycle) in the Colorado gold country lately. While I have been on the back of our bike…traveling through the mountains and even some prairies I have had a lot of time to think.  My mind has been wandering and thinking at the same time.  While in these old gold mining towns I can feel the excitement as well as the disappointment of what was there. People flocking to these areas to find gold, and strike it rich.  To create a better life for themselves and their families.

Not quite that different from now really. It seems everyone is focused on finding the easy way to success, to striking it rich. Looking for the easy way and following the crowd. It has become sad really.  The exciting thing that I am noticing however; is the slight switch in the collective thought.  Instead of continuing on the path of reaching the top of the pyramid…I am seeing a change in perspective. I can feel the shift in energies to that of the possibilities of a new tomorrow.  This new energy reminds me of that of the pioneers.

During my rides I could also feel the hope. I could feel the anticipation of a better land, better soil, and better weather. I think what I was amazed at the most was the spirit that they embodied back then.  To be able to gather up all that they had, or all that they could carry and just leave their homes, in search of something better.  Of course there were blind promises of a better land…a new tomorrow, but that was all it was….a promise. There were no guarantees, they just had to trust.

Guided by instinct the trails of a new future were forged.  Exact destinations were unheard of.  New homesteads and beginnings were created where ever they landed, all in the hopes of a better tomorrow. New beginnings were created, beginnings that they were unsure of.  The only thing they hoped for was something better than what they had.  They knew not what that was or could be, they just knew it was out there.

That is where I feel we are now.  But I feel instead of being able to just trust this many of us want to know what it will look like.  We don’t trust and want to have a guarantee that the change will be a beneficial one.  We want to see the big picture and decide if we want that one or curtain number two.  We have gotten so accustom to watching others (reality TV) and living vicariously through others that we are afraid to take our own leaps, our own risks.  We all seek that guarantee that we will like where we end up.   Knowing that there is a new tomorrow is no longer good enough.  This is where we need to be changing our focus, shifting our energies allowing ourselves to embrace a new tomorrow, a new way of thinking or going about our day.  We need to be willing to let our expectations go.  We need to embrace the ability of going with the flow.

I know I sound like a broken record when I talk about releasing expectation…but it is so important. What if we were to release the expectations of an action or a person?  When we do this we allow more than to happen.  When we release our expectations of something we open ourselves up to actually receiving more than we could have ever imagined.  Why would we want to limit ourselves to what could be, just because we did not include it in our expectations?  Hmm?  Why accept less than what is possible? Why limit ourselves just because we need a plan?

We need to become the pioneers of our own lives.  Seeking out a new perspective on how we live our lives.  Dare to enter uncharted territories.  Step out into the unknown with trust. Be willing to accept more in your life then you could ever imagine.  Become that pioneer and embrace the new frontier!

Enjoy your weekend…



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