Trust, like fear appears in all aspects of our life.

IMG_0830Learning to trust.  Trust issues are one of those things that continue to show up in our life. Each of us seem destined to revisit our relationship with trust over and over and over again.  The lessons within it are tenfold.  It amazes me how this one, relatively small, word can have such a big affect on all of us.

We are told to trust so many things.  We are taught to trust, but then at the same time encouraged to second guess…but… trust at the same time.  It becomes convoluted and confusing. 

So often when we think we have overcome a hurdle, a life lesson, we come face to face with a new one.  At the core of this new lesson, once we have done our due diligence, broken it down, and deciphered the message…we would be once again faced with Trust.  There it is… the seed to our fruit.  Buried deep within the tissue of the issue! Lays TRUST.

I felt it important to talk or maybe I should say, look at trust, so that we may better understand it.  “Trust” like “Fear” appears in all aspects of our life.   Like Fear, It is a lesson with many layers as wells as branches.  Since it continues to pop up as the key factor in so many of the lessons we are faced with, we need to try and understand its depth.

I believe that trust is too big to work on by itself.  What I mean is…we cannot expect to overcome our trust issues in one sitting, one process.  We can’t say (generically) “I have trust issues and really need to work them out”. If we do we set ourselves up for frustration and a sense of failure.  Notice how I said “sense” of failure, not failure?  Because whatever work we do it is never a failure it can just feel like it when we feel like we are constantly working on it. 

What we need to do is break it down into the areas we affiliate and relate trust to.  Areas like: Family, self, intuition, our hearts, spouse, relationships, family, work, religion, and clairvoyance the list goes on and on. I like to look at things on paper.  It seems to help me feel like I have a focus as well as the ability to see my accomplishments.   I am including a little exercise for your to try if you’re up to it!

If you are like the majority of us out here, that feel like when it comes to working on trust you are always starting over… take a deep breath and breathe.  Here is an exercise that I was guided to share, to help put trust into perspective.

  1. Grab a sheet of paper.  
  2. Draw a circle in the middle of the paper, and write the word TRUST in the middle of the circle (leave enough room on the sheet for additional circles).
  3. Outside of that circle, draw a line out (like a ray of the sun) and attach a circle at the end of it. In that circle write the word “Heart”.  Proceed to draw as many lines /circles as necessary.  Make a circle for each area in your life that involves you having some kind of trust (whether you do currently or not).  Around my personal circle I would have words like: Self, Relationships, Spouse, Family, Job, Heart, Intuition, Clairvoyance, and Spirit.  You get the idea (I hope).
  4. Look at each of the sub circles you have created.  Do you now understand why you cannot expect yourself to look at trust in a singular way and expect to fix it in one swoop? The issues you have with Trust will or may be different for each circle you created.  There is no one fix fits all. 
  5. Pick a circle, start with one.  Work on one at a time.  Often when we do this, it is not as overwhelming and it can have a ripple effect on the other circles.  Meaning the lessons and work gets easier with each circle you check off.

TrustRealizing the many layers and branches that make up or are affected by trust…will allow us to see it more clearly.Taking this approach to look at TRUST allows us to not be so overwhelmed.   We are able to see the complexity of the word and how deeply it can affect us.  So the next time someone says “you need to work on your trust issues” look at the context of that statement.  Are they referring to relationship or your intuition?  When you say it what area of your life pops up first?  Trust like fear is woven deeply into the fabric of our lives…of who we are and where we have come from.  My advice is to work on the circle that represents you, yourself FIRST…learning to trust ourselves and our intuition is key…it is instrumental in all other areas of trust.  Stop being so hard on yourself and allow your true voice to shine through, trust your inner knowing, trust your spirit and the fact that ultimately you know what is right and best for you. 

During this time of magnification we can become overly critical of ourselves…think twice about judging yourself.  Trust that the path you have been on and are currently on has a purpose.  Trust the lessons you have learned and trust that the trials and tribulations were not without purpose or meaning.  Focus on magnifying the love of self and others right now…

Finally…over the next week consciously try to run all communication through your heart…see what happens.


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