A message from the humming bird…


The humming bird.

As I am sitting here, doing a reading…thinking about blogging, I keep getting the strange feeling that I am being watched.

You see, my husband and I are on vacation up in the north woods of Minnesota. I have been looking forward to this trip for some time to escape my everyday life and do some much needed meditation and reflection.

So…here I am doing just that and who should decide to visit me? A pair of humming birds. I have been trying to get a picture of them since we got here. Needless to say their speed and agility have continued to elude my camera lens.

Until now…although it is a slightly skewed picture, I have been able to capture my visiting spy, even if it is through the glass. There he sits…as I look out the window. Just staring in at me, looking rather inquisitively right through the window, and directly…at me.

Realizing this exchange of ours is a gift. A special message to me from my guides. I grab my “Pocket guide to spirit animals” by Dr. Steven Farmer to translate my very special message.

What does this little guy wants me to see?

The humming bird…

In summary: You will need to be flexible with the twists and turns coming into your life right now. You are going through some real heart opening experiences, and you will draw more love into your life. Openly express the love you have and feel for those around you. Surround yourself with the beauty and scent of flowers.

As always I believe the messages I receive are not only meant for me. This one is no exception. We are all going through immense change and growth right now. All these changes usually come together and are centered within our hearts.

We are all being asked to open our hearts and look inside, are we as kind to ourselves as we are to others? I will guess the mass population would answer with a no….we are not. Give love to yourself. When we can start to do this more freely, love will then start coming to us more freely. Embrace it. So often we give and give to others without believing that we also need to give to ourselves. Love grows love.

There you have it, a message from the humming bird.
Be flexible, forgiving and most of all sweet to yourself. Even the busy, fast moving humming bird takes the necessary break to sit quietly and process all it has received.

More later from my great north woods, spiritual adventure.


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