Today is a day for release…and letting go of old ideals


In honor of the new moon and the Taurus Solar eclipse tomorrow, I am encouraging all to focus on release. 

Release all that is no longer needed in your life.  That which no longer serves you.  You know…that giant bag of rocks you are dragging behind you. 

Look at it this way, as we go through our life we gain knowledge and awareness right?  We hold on to things, past ideals and old values or even expectations that we have either met or no longer feel attached to.  However; instead of releasing them (letting them go) we tuck them away.  What you may not realize is that many of them can become “baggage” that slowly makes their way back to the surface (the conscious mind) and can cause blockages in our life. 

I like to look at them as a bag of rocks.  The more I tuck away, the heavier the bag gets.  In this time of such great forward momentum… why would we want to hold ourselves back? Why drag such a heavy load behind you? Tomorrow is the new moon, a day to set intentions, new possibilities.  Today, make room for those possibilities, let some of the rocks go.  Lighten your journey!

Trust me the process is simple and painless… it is all about becoming consciously aware of what we no longer need to hold on to.  Now, I can already hear the panic, the pleas and the arguments!!

 “My past is what has created the person I am today, why would I let that go?” 

I am not asking you to forget it or not acknowledge your past.  What I am suggesting is that you let go of old ideals that you no longer believe in or that may be holding you back. 

Here is what I am suggesting…

  • Sit for a few minutes.  Close your eyes and take a few deep cleansing breaths
  • Listen to the sounds around you. Let your mind wander. 
  • Open your eyes and write all the things that you no longer want to drag along with you.  Old Ideals, feelings, programming, cautions, people (for me one of the words I will write down is doubt).
  • Look at the list you have created.
  • Now discard it.  Tear it up, bury it, burn it (in a safe controlled area) or if you wrote it on your computer DELETE each letter of each word…watching it disappear from your screen. 
  • Symbolically remove it from your life.

That is it, for today at least.  When you go to sleep tonight know that you have created space for a new tomorrow.  Start dreaming of the possibilities! 

Tomorrow in honor of the New Moon and Solar Eclipse write a list of intentions.

  • Sit, quietly and smile
  • Let your mind wander with possibilities
  • Open your eyes and write a list of Intentions (remembering to feel the emotion behind each word).
  • Set the energy of possibility and hope and dreams coming true

Know now that with this new moon these specific intention you set will be with you for the next 365 days.  Dream big and know that anything is possible all you have to do is have faith…and believe. 


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