Gratitude for a successful event!!!!


I need to take a few moments and talk about The success of The Everyday Psychics Conference! I am filled with gratitude and I want to thank everyone that was able to come out and participate!

It was AMAZING!!!! The women I worked with that day were amazing, the attendees were amazing…LOL! Yep, you could say it was amazing.

I was surrounded by such powerful and beautiful energies and all with the highest of intent for the day as well as overall enlightenment.  Our topics were all diverse yet so very similar.  It provided for such beautiful diversity.

I talked that day about understanding your energy, and the importance of grounding.  In the morning we spent a lot of time introducing ourselves, sharing our early experiences and talking about what it means to be psychic, intuitive or clairvoyant in our own lives.  In the afternoon we each had about 45 minutes to share a tool with you.  I took everyone through a guided meditation and grounding session. I talked about the energetic body and the many dimensions of self that make up who we are.  Eva Black Tail Swan did a drumming workshop and exposed us all to a wonderful sample of the Cherokee Ceremony. Sarina Baptista connected attendees to their crossed over loved ones and explained how this works for her.  Jonelle Davis talked about uncovering our wounds to find our gifts and how knowing your birth number can help you determine your perfect career.  Michelle talked about understanding your boundaries, and how being in tune with the cycles of time can help us all go with the ebb and flow of life.

We are trying to put together our next conference which will probably be in the Colorado Springs area early summer or late spring!

CLICK HERE to see some snippets of video of our intros as well as our closing comments of the conference! check us out!!!!!!


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