Do you believe in Magic, in a young girls heart?


Just saying the word magic can conjure up all kinds of emotions. For many negativity is the primary one. It’s ok to watch a magician and call his act magic, but it is not ok to believe magic can exist. We are encouraged to believe the magician can pull a rabbit out of his hat, yet we are taught to fear the person that says they can concoct a love spell. Even I have a hard time with magic and my complete understanding of it’s complexity. Deep below the surface I can feel that oh so familiar emotion…fear. I also realize that even though I have come out of the closet (so to speak) in the area of clairvoyance/psychic abilities, magic is in a chapter all it’s own.

Of course once I really think about it, really look at it, I realize a lot of that fear is from programming.

Programming from this life time as well as others.
We are taught to be intrigued by it, entertained by it and yes, to fear it. With magic there seems to be so much more room for darkness. This darkness over shadows all the light. Witches and warlocks…even the titles given to those who possess the power are slightly ominous. History books tell tales of the sacrifices, and the fear that communities were overpowered with. They tell the tales, the stories of drownings and burning at the stakes. And for what? Intuition, for some, magic or witchcraft for others…but death,just because of what fear, or control?

As if we were not confused enough, we are then presented with the TV shows. Beloved characters and stories we connect to and fall in love with. This is my current past.

You see, I grew up wanting to be the Elizabeth Montgomery character Sam on Bewitched. I so wanted to be able to just twitch my nose and summon an item into my hand. I wanted to nod my head and disappear, only to appear somewhere completely different. She was amazing and my idol. I so connected with her…she in my eyes was the original “every day psychic”!

I can’t forget Barbara Eden, Jeanie from, I Dream of Jeanie! These were the women on tv I grew up with. Such beautiful, kind hearted women who taught me magic was ok, and acceptable. It was part of our everyday life. Or at least it could be. I guess that is why I struggle with it today. It confuses me that I could grow up watching them on TV,and yet still have the deep seeded fear of magic, and the darkness it brings. Some of this is I am sure due to the past lives i have lived where i have either misused my powers, or have been witnessed to its devastation. Some tragedies, no matter the lifetime, stick with a soul. They are embedded in our code as a form of protection against repeating events that led up to the devastation or pain we experienced. Even though I have this underlying fear of the bad that magic can do, I believe it is like anything else. The intention is always directly related to the vibration of the person conjuring up the scenario. The lower the vibration the more ego or power related magic, power never leads to good magic.

Good magic does exist. Magic is still a modality that I am not quite comfortable with (at least not 100%) for me in this lifetime, I know very little of its true capabilities. I know that I appreciate the kind of magic that comes from nature as well as what I was presented with as a child on TV.

I believe that it goes back to hope, and my idealistic views on how things could be. You see, my spirit connected with the infinite possibilities that these women on these TV shows exposed me to. I saw a glimmer of enlightenment (that my spirit recognized) and I connected with it. It was like a glimpse of something familiar, that my spirit embraced. Nothing else really mattered, the negativity, the tragedy or pain from past years of life. None of it stuck at that time. However, as i got older years and years of subliminal messaging and cultural un-acceptance forced the positivity aside and brought the fear and negativity to the surface.

Only once I started to become “in touch” again with my spirit, has the negative images started to recede.

My recent journey has brought many treasures of my youth to the surface again. Little memories such as a TV show (for me) has reminded me of things that I had forgotten. A renewed spirit and excitement for what is possible and what will not only be..but what already is. We are amazing bodies of energy, on an amazing journey through thought. I posted yesterday on my Facebook page a little drawing I did about thought becoming things, so chose the good ones. I think this pertains to each of our journey’s. It’s your journey, chose the one you want.

Do you believe in magic? I do.


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