After looking within…then what? What do we do with what we see?


Hopefully, if anything this week you were prompted to really sit with yourself and examine the inner you.

Coming up with what makes you happy is not an easy task. Some of you may be thinking its nearly impossible. And this nonsense of talking to our 11 year old self…really? If you found this next to impossible, well your not alone. We often lose sight of who we were and who we once thought we would grow up to be. This is a natural transition to adulthood. We could never expect to stay the same. Who would want to really? We learn things and we grow. As we grow, we become exposed to different people and experiences that change our perspective and open our hearts and minds to new ideas and experiences. Our dreams and goals change. What once made us happy, may not now. This is called life, change and growth.

For many of us talking (or even remembering) our eleven year old selves made us realize how different we have become. Some of us much happier and some maybe not. I think the one thing we can all agree upon is our past is what has molded us (in so many different ways) to who we are today. This assignment was to help us get out of the box we have been living in. So many times the responsibilities in our lives build these walls of intensity around around us it is hard to see through or past what else makes us who we are. We forget the simple things that can make us happy or even just give us joy.

The assignment/challenge is not over. I would like to propose one of two things. For those of you that maybe looked back into a past that was not something you wanted to remember, or was not how you wished it would have been, I propose a rewrite. Yep, you heard me.

What would you change? How different would you be today? What would you wish more of? Why can’t you re-write it?

If your journey brought you back to a time of a carefree happy time that you may have long forgotten about…imagine that in your life today. How could you recreate it into your current life? It doesn’t have to make sense. Write about how it made you feel.

Sometimes an example helps. Here is one…let’s say you loved to dance. When you danced how did you feel? What is the first emotion that pops into your mind? What does that emotion mean to you? How can you develop more of that emotion into your life today? What in your life today closely resembles that feeling from your past, and how can you embrace more of it.

Overall what I wanted to do was get you to look within and remember your happiness, your possibility. I understand that just because something made you happy when you were young does not mean it will still make you happy now. That wasn’t the point of this. The point was to remember what it felt to be happy. To try and recall that emotion. Remembering how it felt to enjoy something on your own. By keeping in touch with what makes us laugh, smile,helps us remember that we, are important. Our feelings matter and need to be cared for. Reciprocation is needed for healthy giving.

So many of us are fixers, givers, caretakers and pleasers. If you give…give…give… And never allow yourself or remember to receive…your giving ends up being layered in resentment. So…when that voice in your head starts to tell you, that you are being selfish….ignore it. By ignoring it you allow yourself to be valued.

Imagine a pitcher of water. You fill glass after glass with water from that pitcher. Eventually you run out of water. How do you continue to give water from an empty pitcher? You can’t. It’s empty. Do not allow yourself to become empty, or once you are empty, to remain empty. You’re a better you when you’re not depleted.

Love & happiness


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